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Freight train

Yesterday was my first post-data gathering visit to Dr. Dave. Progress!!! I am a sore mo-fo this AM. Like a freight train hit me. But in sincerity, not 'pain', but rather a balanced 'soreness' like you feel from a deep workout.

Dr. Dave got me settled in at lunchtime yesterday and we began with strengthening exercises and tests. These sessions are like mini workouts! He gets my legs in various positions and has me push back against the force he is laying in on me with. Left side = weak/ right side = strong. He's going all out with his body weight, and I am going full guns against him. Again, full on work out.

He then got me into position and did some adjustments. My God. I did not know I had bone/cartilage where the settling and re-positioning came back into line after his adjustments. Think of an itch you need to scratch but could never get to. Dr. Dave nailed it. We then proceed to do his well known laser therapy followed by some final strengthening exercises and tests to gauge the impact of the treatments. Immediately the power is coming back!! It is amazing. That left leg felt like it had another 30% 'depth' to push back on. Like a light switch. After I was finished, I basically hi-fived with Ivan Stevic as I got off the table and he jumped on for his treatment. Sorry about the sweat, Ivan.

So, more treatments to come but the time Dr. Dave spends with me on telling me EXACTLY where I am at, what's going on and how step by step he's going to correct the problem is amazing. He wants me back to peak performance ASAP...which means getting the treatments clustered together to ensure he and I see results. His goal is to get me OUT of his office for good in lieu of making it a need to have permanently....although an adjustment now and then will be good. Everyone needs a Dr. Dave in their corner.

Reader Comments (2)

I'm in the same boat. twisted up and have been doing physical therapy and manual therapy on my poor spine and soft-tissue for a couple years now. When you're in, you're in. When you're out, you're OUT.

good luck

April 17, 2008 | Unregistered Commentertj

Whatup TJ!

Spot on, man. In all sincerity, I've lived a fairly 'charmed' athletic life as it relates to injury (touch wood). So as I am cruising towards the 40's, I keep thinking I am like 24. I mean, I feel no different...and am faster than when I *was* 24! but the body has had years of abuse and does NOT heal like it used to, man. So all this care I am putting in now is hopefully not 'too late' (the results and feedback thus far is great!) but needs to be done.

April 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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