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Boulder Indoor CYCLING

When it rains, it POURS. While the crew is working hard to establish a true Bike Park on the North Side of Valmont Park here in town (LOTS of good news on this project forthcoming folks...), it has been tremendous work for those who have been pursuing this passionately for the last 10 years. Working with the city, the parks and rec department, the community at name it. It has been an example of 'process that works'. Slowly, but it works..

Anyways, take that example and then look at this new privately funded project that I heard about only a few months ago. From the crew that has brought the immensely successful Boulder Indoor Soccer, now they are launching Boulder Indoor Cycling! This town, will TRULY be the epicenter of cycling with world class athletes, world class training facilities, beautiful surroundings, altitude...and now safe, convenient places like Valmont Bike Park and Boulder Indoor Cycling to choose from.

As they advertise on their announcement site:

bullet 142m Velodrome Cycling
bullet All Levels of Mountain Biking
bullet Racing Leagues
bullet Kid's Programs
bullet Bicycle Rentals
bullet Lots More!

This is going to be sweet. I get to buy me a fixie and learn how to ride the track without going bankrupt going to the Springs.

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Holy Toledo, Batman!

June 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCat Johnson

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