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First one down....

Holy crappola. 1st one of the season in the books. Going into this with base and only a bit of high threshold training was absolutely painful...but a good and old friend kind of pain. It was a mid pack finish kind of night but I will take that any day given the beasts out there last night in the midst in the Open/A's.

The course was inexplicably fast, and super fun. Some whoops and doubles thrown in for good measure on various sides of the course that I tried to style each time....when my eyes weren't crossed. The 'kids' from the CU Cycling team did a SPECTACULAR job organizing, running, announcing and dialing in the course. The sponsors were outstanding as well. I think they need to do some primes next time! I'd be gunning for it and explode into violent fury....

Anyways, recovery spin today and more training to come when I can inject it into my life. T's helping me with that every day. I woke up this AM 4.5 pounds lighter than I was yesterday. HA! Looks like I DO need to be doing more high intensity stuff....

Photo credit to Kate Thayn

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