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Jail Time for Marin Trail Builder

Maybe the Larimer County issue out here ain't all that bad. Check this story out in the Marin Independent Journal. And when you get to the MIJ web page, there is a little Voting widget there to gauge your opinion. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!

Reader Comments (1)

I'm actually the Cycling Columnist for the Marin IJ for the past 5 1/2 years and these unfortunate incidents happen every once in a while. Usually the argument that's given against building bicycle trails is that they may not preserve the land. We get A LOT of rainfall - A LOT - where whole houses slide down hills. Marin County tries to do a good job in preventing erosion so maybe they either felt this guy was increasing erosion - OR they were equestrians. Just like most locations, equestrians and cyclists don't usually get along. Considering equestrians do way more damage to trails, I don't see why they should get any rights, but whatever. Oops, did i just takes sides? not good as a writer - haha!
Oh, and china camp has only two singletrack "loops" so i could see why they wanted to make more. For a while it seemed that every month one of our singletrack trails was taken away. Pity because the riding there is really really good - especially when you theoretically incorporate all the illegal trails.
On a side note, the marin ij is VERY supportive of cyclists. Even as the paper downsizes (like all papers due to the internet) they continue to keep my Sunday cycling column. I wonder if any other paper in the USA has a cycling-specific columnist...

June 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPEANUT

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