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Flat land power yields uphill turmoil....

Heavy weekend, sportsfans. The work had to be put in and the doctor prescribed the pain pill for sure. I needed to get my large carcass to threshold for these two days putting in roughly 6 hours of super specific training.

Saturday I woke up and was as sluggish as our cat. I kept thinking how am i gonna do this? I pulled up my panties and rolled. The plan was Carter but very specific. Leverage the rollers the entire way there, and back to hit threshold intervals at certain periods. 5-600w hold....375 hold....finish strong. By the 10th set, I couldn't have even spelled my name if asked. Cross-eyed. It felt good to try and hit and hold on the ceiling. I am definitely behind over last year but whatever. I get to ride, right? I quote Private Joker in Full Metal Jacket: The dead only know one thing: it is better to be alive.

I finished and limped it home, wasted but smiling. Life is great. I love putting the work in. Because I can.

Today was more of the threshold. It involved hurling said large carcass up Flag again on the fat tire bike to do some stuff at the Ranch. The legs were screaming from yesterday so the mission was to be 'complete'. In other words, focus on maintaining composure on the bike rather than let the suffering demons distract you and the next thing you know you are all hunched over the machine slobbering. It's an interesting game to play with yourself when you are blowing yourself out. Just focus on spinning nice circles, back in the right position, and you will see the watts creep back up. All in all, I felt decent and so begins the creep forward. I supposed I'm going to have to throw a number on one of these days when I can find the motivation.

No planes this week so I am smiling from the depths of my soul. Birthdays coming up for the boys so the energy is high to say the least. "Can we open the presents now? How about now? OK, now?. It's the equivalent of "Are we there yet?" After the ride we took the kids up Betasso on a hike. Cool to hike it in slow mo rather than bomb it on the fat tires. I ended up carrying little man back the whole way. Awesome. The legs about seized after this AM and yesterday.

It's good to be home....

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