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The Über cult 'cross shoe.

Back in the day, say '99...maybe 2000... when I was racing the in California, I'd watch Carmen D'Aluisio rock it out in her races with this set of shoes which I LUSTED (note: most men would be watching I am scoping out her shoes...). My bud Evan, fellow equipment weenie, clued me in: "Oh yeah man. Those are the Time World Cups. Total cult. Hard to get unless you're sponsored." And so, he was right. Extremely hard to get as a mere mortal. I searched and searched...but to no avail.

BUT, yesterday I swung by The Pro's Closet and what did my eyes spy in a box, hidden away on some lonely shelf? The glimmer of yellow made me walk towards their sheen and....alas TWO pairs of these bad boys! Then the let down for me: for 'little guy feet'...e.g. 41's. If you have boy-sized feet, I'd ABSOLUTEY suggest you snatch these up. Priceless shoes.

See the posting here on The Pro's Closet.

Reader Comments (2)

Never tried the cross version but me and my mates all wore the road version, they were by far the comfiest shoe I've ever owned and they matched the 'Cleveland Wheelers' team colours!!! Sadly, after a nasty crash in Spain one shoe said 'Ti' the other said 'me' so they had to go, cycling has never been the same since. I loved those shoes.

September 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

These were the best cross shoes ever made. They had a sort of hinge in the sole that allowed them to flex when you were running but remain stiff when pedalling. If Time still made these they would be the only shoes I would buy

September 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

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