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On my way...

I'm finally at SFO ready to depart my old home and City by the Bay San Francisco on my way to the City of Sin, Las Vegas. I stayed up in Marin this week and it was super mellow commuting to Oracle Open World with the masses to the Ferry Terminal in SF. I stepped off the boat yesterday and walked through the terminal and did a double take when I saw this just SITTING there right in front of this salami shop at the Terminal:

God it is BEAUTIFUL! Jeremy and Jay do such incredible work. I LOVE my Sycip as you all know. (And Jay is now a Chris King employee and resident of Portalnd!).

So by now you all know that LA is going back to Johan's bubble (Good luck with that Alberto). My sources this AM through 'official' SMS text have confirmed that the peeps of LA have confirmed his CrossVegas participation. One would suspect that Chris and Brook will give LA the 'i'm famous' call up next to Ryan and Tim and the guns up front. But the sadist in me wants his non-UCI-point-having ass to line up right next to me and the other pack fodder in the back of the bus. Bring it.

Lastly, my good friend Zach is at the course site helping to get it built. He sent me an email describing it...

Course update, the grass was freshly mowed this am, although it still feels like shag carpet. Wide, diamond tread tires have been the general tire talk of the day.

We got denied our small stair step run up by the UCI official, so we only have one section with two barriers...first barrier is 35mm tall, second is 40....and on the lip of a hill... So bunny hopping would be super hard.

The course in general is more compact than last year, while being longer per lap...2.8k or to per. Its 95% grass, and then a little concrete.

Chris g. & brook watts have set the course to be great for spectators while Joe D adds to the mix with a racers point of view.. They are quite a team together!

Jonathan page, jeremy powers and jamie driscol all paid a visit to the course today.

The course opens at 5:00pm for practice if you want to swing by early.

I am getting butterflies. HA! This entirely old bag of cross loving bones is going to go balls out tonight. I know pops is with me.

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Good luck Boyo! Show them the way forward at Vegas :)

September 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLuke Moseley

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