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Movin', shakin', payin' the bills....

Sorry for the radio silence! Pretty busy getting me executive thing on at my company's annual kickoff. Exactly a year ago I was preparing to leave for Za Trip and the company made a touching an hilarious gesture to wish me well on the journey. (I can't believe it was a YEAR AGO!) This year I was back to do my thing and talk to the company about their opportunities even in this current restrained market.

I'm trying to do anything but ride these days....lots of running to keep the coals somewhat warm, but not too hot. Ironically, off season and eating is the toughest. You can't gorge yourself and I am trying to balance lack of activity with reduced calories, complex carbs, etc etc. Tougher than you think!

Za Trip 2 is starting to take shape. Plans being developed and I think will see some new and exciting 'Za Trip' team members. Stay tuned!

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