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Brandon's Blog Post Re-cast. Whoa...

Dubba and I had a pre work single speed this AM to scope out the damage around my neighborhood (and his shop). He posted this on his shop blog. Check out the photo! CLOSE is an understatement!

BLOG de BCS - 2009 - January

1.9.08 >>Well, it's the second day after what is being called the Olde Stage Fire here in Boulder and the newspapers report the fire is 100% contained. I went for ride this morning with Greg Keller. We rode up Lee Hill to Olde Stage, down Left Hand to inspect the fire damage. We saw a fire crew suiting up on top of the climb. It looked like the were heading out to search for some potential hot spots. We said, "nice work" and gave them the nod as we rode by.

The fire was very close to damaging many, many homes. And, yes,
that is Keller on an ol' school Dean titanium rig!

The vastness of how much land the fire touched is incredible and the fact that it came so close to so many houses without damaging as much as a mailbox is amazing. Some resident's entire yards are completely scorched right up to the foundation. The fire fighters really need a big thank you from everyone. After descending Left Hand we tried to get on the Left Hand Trail, but it was closed from fire damage. You can see the Left Hand Trail in the bottom and left side in this amazing aerial photo:

A little close for comfort!

Reader Comments (2)

Dude, that is crazy.

It's gonna be sooo green in the spring though!

January 9, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterbkappius

Greg...great to meet you yesterday. Let me know if you see a 54 said you were the "Cross Doctor..."


January 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPQ

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