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Mark Woolcott's local athlete profiles | Episode 6

I am HONORED! I made it into Mark Woolcott's on-going series of athlete profiles in the Denver metro area! As you all know I am pretty geeked up on photography and to have Mark, whose work I ogle over and can only aspire to shoot like some day, take the time to interview me...well I am totally honored.

And clearly, Mark 'gets' me:

When I first met Greg Keller, it was much of a “one-sided” meeting.  Two years ago, I was shooting from the weeds (as I normally do) and from across the course I hear the most beautiful, most beatific line of connected profanity I have ever heard.  I fancy myself somewhat of a connoisseur of the profane. This was music to my ears.

Click here to continue reading Mark's interview...

Thank you Mark! Again, I am honored you'd focus on my old ass for an interview!

Hup hup!

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