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Push (Part Deux)

So, in March this year I postured with the a really brief post about pushing. The reality is, I felt and knew a lot behind the scenes that wasn’t projected outwardly. It certainly was all about pushing…and a month and a half later, I haven’t lost focus.


I watched Seamus the other day. In fact studied both Aiden and Seamus but Aiden, being older, the bike and lots of things just comes naturally and easier as you’d suspect as the older brother. But I watched the little big man do this little plastic jump. Watching him watch me for re-enforcement that he was safe…and cool…and getting better…and like his big brother…and like his daddy…and getting older…and…

Over and over. I watched. And smiled back.

I was compelled to grab my camera and just shoot. Mainly to capture the essence of someone pushing so hard.  Trying to make it all right. To succeed. To please. To validate himself. I was inspired.

And I am doing this now. This pushing…still. Making absolute my conviction to support my family.

My life has changed since April 1…days before writing that brief blurb on pushing, and I am pushing still. I will succeed and create the next wave of my life in a way that ensures I spray my efforts in 360° array to absolutely enforce to all around me that I mean what I say. That I can support the three part teeter totter….make life secure…enjoyable…livable….evolutionary.

We can die now. Don’t stop pushing. Milk it all. Be greedy for life.

Reader Comments (3)

ah pushing! how's quitting the job to go ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route? that enough pushing? 11years of waiting and I'll be at the Mexico border June 3rd with my front wheel pointing North to Banff! Milking it all!

May 12, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterlongman

cool pic. did you set up the cam on a tripod and and click with a slow shutter speed? how slow?

May 12, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjohn g

Dude! Huge changes afoot for you! Can not wait to hear of the travels and travails. Send updates during your trip!

John G:
I was actually holding the camera (no tripod) and had rapid fire set with an f-stop of ~1000. I shot the sequence in one take then used freeware photo stitching software to create the sequence in one pic. It did a great job of background overlay...incredible actually. Then worked over the colors and exposure a bit.


May 13, 2009 | Registered CommenterGreg Keller

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