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On Patience…and Timing

Time to take stock and pan the head rearwards, to see what’s been done, and then pan forwards and plan for what’s ahead. It’s been a couple-of months since my Freedom Face was exposed and lots has been done and experienced during this period: My family and I circled wagons in Mexico to celebrate; Face time with prospective ‘next chapter’ gigs measured in XX numbers of hours invested meeting with boards, staff...building trust and opening channels; Setting up an LLC; Rides that have left me healthy and happy.

I’ve learned to structure my days into distinctive segments:

  • Early AM is Social Networking Time. Peer into my graph’s doings and happenings and respond. Blog, think bikes for a bit and write about it.
  • Early AM then blends into a ride to stimulate my senses, see our insane surroundings here in Boulder and commune. Recharge. As you all know, the mountain bike has called me and I am listening. The trees are speaking to me loudly these days.
  • Mid day is all about technology projects. e.g. the stuff I am scheming over that I’d like to see built, working on projects with friends who need a trusted set of eyes on what they’re building and finally moving towards things that are exciting here in Boulder’s unbelievable technology community.
  • Evening….before I know it, my boys are all up in my grill and we go and have some serious play before we need to cram some dinner in our gullets.

I’ll look back on this schedule and these days as something remarkable. The recession is very real. Many of you feel it. But hope and promise…and massive doses of patience…are what I need and my wife is constantly re-enforcing to me when the days seem pretty bleak. The work being put in in this period of massive transition is very real. The connections, the new technology landscapes, the networking on all levels. It’s fun…and the timing of the market correction will intersect with the groundwork I am laying.

Or so I lie in bed and construct scenarios to ensure this is realized.

I don’t know where many of you are at these days, but patience and the prospect of timing are all lessons being learned. That and the faith I’ve put into who I am and the relationships I’ve built. It truly is all that you have. Literally ALL that you have on this earth. Everything else is an accoutrement.

Patience grasshoppah.

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