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Leadville 100 Photos! | Rob O’Dea’s Stunning Pictures

My main main Rob O’Dea wanted me to share with you some of his stunning pictures of this past weekend’s Leadville 100. All I can say is epic. He captures the images on digital media with such precision….somehow nailing in a single still shot the things I see and feel when I am racing my bike. It’s even too painful to look at in some images…yet makes my mouth water for the suffering in others.

Follow Rob on Twitter else visit his site to browse more of his stunning photography.



Wiens. Head down. Drilling it.


Lance as he bombs past Travis Brown. It pains me to see this…



I love how Lance’s eyes get all puffy when he suffers.

 RobODeaPhoto_web-1387 Wiens getting his hup on, likely as he claws his way back form 5th to 2nd.



Absolute poetry.

RobODeaPhoto_web-1535 Open mouthed. This is mountain biking.



More of the eye swell.


2nd place. Whatever. Wiens is a stud.

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