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Almost Famous | The Mountain Bike Magazine Interview

I've got to tell you, folks, the people at Rodale Press' are tapping into the 'wave' that we all know is here and cresting: cyclocross. Rodale is demonstrating this support to us all by their Mountain Bike Magazine's sponsorship of marquee 'cross events like CrossVegas. Mountain bikers understand 'cross. It's just a slightly smaller set of knobby tires mounted another rad frame, right? So the sponsorship and support they're providing to the event is outstanding to see. Moreover, waves of folks (like you and me) who raced MTB's tons in the 90's, ultimately abandoning our Tomac-like aspirations to pursue careers and families are now pouring back into the racing scene on any given Sunday with 'cross as their focus and proxy to re-inject racing back into their lives. The demographic who slaved to build these careers and families is BACK...with their force...and raring to get dirty again.

So with this understood, I got pinged by a dear friend of mine, Chris DiStefano about an interesting project going on. Chris is a passionate husband, daddy, worker bee, industry luminary and cyclocross evangelist out of the great cyclocross city of PDX. He asked me about my interest in talking about the 'state of cross' and what it means to least from my specific voice. A voice that is sort of atypical...e.g. not from an industry insider, official or full time pro racer. I guess the intent was to capture it from the voice that you and I speak: passion and love for this game we devote so much to.

So, these words were parlayed into Mountain Bike Magazine's staple column in their monthly mag, 'The MB Interview' in preparation for the wave of cross Rodale/Mountain Bike Magazine are devoting air cover to. Below is the outcome of the interview in Mountain Bike's September issue which is on newstands or can be delivered right to your door. I am honored and indebted to Chris and Mountain Bike's Editor in Chief Jasen Thorpe for the opportunity to tell it the way I see it.

Photo: Dejan Smaic

I hope I did us justice 'crossers! I am so pumped for the season.


Reader Comments (2)

hell yeah! nice article, nice words. great pic. can't wait to chase you around this season.

August 3, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjeff c


Nice one, man!

August 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPhil

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