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Is this Sven Nys' New Colnago? | The 2010 Colnago Cross Prestige

Hmm. It appears so. Ik Sven's finger prints are all over this bad boy. According to Ernesto:

For the 2010 we are proud to introduce the NEW carbon Cross frame, the PRESTIGE. This new cross frame has been developed with the input from former World Champion, 9 time Super Prestige winner Sven Nys.

The front triangle is a HHM (High Modulus carbon) monocoque with polygonal section on the top- and down tube, it has a curve between the inside of the top and seat tube, this for better comfort when carrying the bike on the shoulder. The rear triangle is lugged.

Stability, speed and weight are key components to the PRESTIGE.
The PRESTIGE will be available in 6 sizes, (50 to 60 with).

Beefier than the C-50's and the first advancement I've seen of their carbon cross mainstay for a decade.

I'm not sure what's with all that curvy carbon by top and seat tubes. Sort of ridonculous and unnecessary carbon. I'm digging the traditional horizontal top tube though. I will never understand sloping top tubes on cross bikes...

I'll take my Ridley X-Night's though any day in a head to head beauty contest. I'm probably just in lust at the moment though...but I can't stop messing around with the frames! Bike 1 built this weekend. 

Reader Comments (3)

Colnago showed this off during the last 'cross season, claiming that Sven had influenced the design. At the same time, Sven was still riding his custom Extreme Power 'cross variant.

August 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDouglas F Shearer

The arc near the seat and top tube is stupid.

X-night looks much better!!

August 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPieter

Hey Pieter!
Yeah, indeed that thing is dumb. A 'crossers shoulder would never be back that far for the curvey thing to do any good! I've seen so many gimmicks by folks trying to improve the porting area of a cross bike and yet they seem to deteriorate the experience...e.g. it becomes too uncomfortable or the triangle-area becomes far to small.

Give me an open triangle any day...


August 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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