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Ridley Night at Boulder Cycle Sport! | This Thursday!


Hmm, let’s count how many months until ‘cross folks. C’mon, do it with me:

March, April, May, (You’re getting in the long rides on the MTB)

June and July (You’re doing some road and MTB races, maybe a short track here and there. You’re starting to think ‘cross)

August (You now can taste it. You’ve already dusted off your old cross steed and it just feels…great. The season is almost here).

September! (You’re RACING!)

SEVEN MONTHS, YO! Seven short months…

Now imagine you are training come mid summer or sooner on your new Carbon Ridley cross machine. Boing! So here’s a teaser…


Seven short months folks! So…

Join us Thursday evening at Boulder Cycle Sport from 5:30 - 7:30pm for a sneak peek at the new 2011 Ridley cyclocross bikes! Thanks to you and your support of cyclocross, Boulder Cycle Sport is one of the top Ridley cyclocross shops in the world. We are honored to be chosen as one of several select dealers to preview the new 2011 line-up.



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