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Any way I can

These are days of absolute personal growth and self discovery. There's no way I can explain it any cleaner. This new life I've created has me challenging myself and everything I've known in my upbringing...

...Leave a perfectly good, well paying job.

...Take a flyer to see what I can do.

...Opt out of a paycheck. Feel discomfort.

It's completely eradicated the once comforting 'struggle' for balance I'd strived for all these years. Wrote about all these years. Complained to you about all these years.

I blew it all up. I let the teeter totter take control and just let go. Just to ensure I can feel and understand more about what I think I am made out of.

I get my solace in any way I can. Even escaping to the garage to run a rag and a wrench over under-ridden bikes. They'll be there when I'm ready to return. When I am ready to focus on that part of my life again.

They will not be neglected too long. These bikes have brought me to the best places mentally and physically in my life.

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