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My turn

And so, I guess it had to be my time. So many years of bike racing...and crashes...I'll admit I've been pretty lucky.

Today, not so much.

Front tire wash out and no time to even put a hand out. just my head and shoulder impacting with terra firma so quickly, it was incredible. Simply put: I crashed, when I impacted I heard it snap and that was that.

More importantly were my friends who helped my get to the hospital, with Joe's incredibly gracious wife waking up their kids on an early Wednesday morning (they were closest) to bring me to my wife and then on to the hospital. THANK YOU.

So. now what? Well, just move on. It is what it is, it hurts and that's that. I've got work to do and business to build and a family that needs a fun daddy. So, I'll heal. 'Cross? She'll be there for me too. I know it. Yet another reason for her pull as my anchor.

Don't count me out.

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