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Blood in your mouth, chaos in your gut


It’s back. Wednesday Worlds. And for many months now I have been waiting for the day. Re-uniting with friends, hitting old grassy haunts and to check the engine out after it’s cross hiatus.

And it hurt just like I remember.

Yesterday marked my official return to diving deep into intensity. Nary an interval has been done yet by intent. It’s SO HARD to control your instincts to make yourself hurt early season, doing leg blowing embedded intervals at ungodly watts. Not yet, now it’s about saving some mental matches and trying out something new: patience. Trust that I can grow fitness to where it’s needed later in the season. And so we’ll practice patience.

Yesterday’s throw down was just like old times. Hard efforts for 20 minutes, chasing each other in deep grass and fast dirt. Finishing with the taste of blood in your mouth and cross-gut so bad you are scared to death you will Rorschach your chamois if you even so much as sneeze.

Trust in thyself. Eat well, sleep well, train smartly, stay upright.

Here we go.

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