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The power of Valmont and the Boulder Cup

We are just beginning to realize the power of ‘cross. It’s the new Little League for the generation that truly wants to move and push themselves. My son wrote this Sunday night after the Boulder Cup. Semi-wasted from the day yet still amped to convey his feelings. Imagine what that spectacle was like for a kid. Not only racing and getting cheered on from all angles but then seeing this amazing display of Pro prowess and fans going nuts. Well, it incentivized him enough to jam out a paragraph.

I’ve, ah, ‘translated’ his Aidenese below to ensure you walk away with the gist. The last paragraph kills me. ‘This is cyclocross!’ I love it.

A kid's view of the Boulder Cup at Valmont


Valmont (bike park) Boulder Cup

I was ready to start and I saw my friends and saw he was wearing his timing chip! But I thought that we weren’t supposed to! So I looked around and everyone was wearing them! I called my dad and said: “Dad! My timing chip!”… He said that mom was in a hurry to get it and she got it RIGHT when I was starting to go! I was off! And I was in the lead. It was all muddy and my dad was watching. He said to look up and don’t get distracted.

On my last race, I fell down in my start! A kid on my team named Torin won the Boulder Cup and it was an amazing win! I was thankful that it he was on my team. The sad thing is that we did not do the 5280 run up! Wahh!


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By Aiden

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