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Focus ahead

Mol 2

I remember in 2007 when everything was measured. Everything was balanced and near perfect. My ability to predict and plan many months out was possible. It’s amazing how life morphs and bends and will do just about anything to ensure that peace and focus are not possible…at least to the level that I crave.

As of late, I am trying to get back that ‘1000 yard stare.’ This isn't to say that I want to manufacture some sort of deeply intense tunnel vision and in doing so intentionally not recognize the things going on in my peripheral life. I just deeply long to be able to lock-in and see the progress on many of the things I hold dear. I want to see the improvements. I want to see the trees while I am in complete understanding that I am within the forest.

Some may say that this is precisely the journey. The unknowing. The uncertainty. The requirement to be lean and agile to accommodate the radical shifts.

This is not my reality. And I must be patient.

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