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What is ‘Unstoppable’? Sam Tickle is…

This past fall we received word that EAS Sports Nutrition and a gaggle of their photographers and videographers would be swinging through Boulder…all in support of one ‘athlete’. This one athlete would be performing 30 sports in 30 days…something EAS referred to as their ‘Unstoppable Tour.’ Each day, the athlete, Sam Tickle (pictured below), would be surprised for what the next day’s sporting activity would be. And it would all be captured on film…in HD glory.

On his 13th consecutive day, good ‘ol Sam was introduced to our sport: cyclocross. Boulder was city & sport number 13th on on his way across the country performing an amazing array of random sports and athletic endeavors…all in a 30 day span. More feats of athleticism in a month than most do in their entire lives.

The morning of their Boulder visit, the EAS entourage arrived at my house with Suburbans and other vehicles packed to the gills with people and equipment. The crew came in and set up shop to film me getting Sam squared away with ‘cross equipment and advice…one of my Ridley bikes, Specialized shoes supplied by Boulder Cycle Sport, pedals supplied by Crank Brothers and a hell of a lot of encouragement and instruction on behalf of the Boulder ‘cross community. He was stoked to say the least and it was great to see his enthusiasm for ‘cross, having never seen the discipline of cycling before.

Today, March 1st, the Unstoppable Tour launched for us all to see. Day 13 in Boulder is not yet released, but I will post as soon as that video hits the wires. For now, come and enjoy Days 1-5. You’ll see day by day, video by video, how Sam is kept moving, going, pushing…all the while being monitored by sports PT’s and his health and nutrition maintained with EAS products. I must say, I would have been stoked to have been abused like this for 30 days. Click on the image below to get lost for a little bit watching the first episodes…


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