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Addition and Subtraction

It’s virtually impossible for me to think about anything else as of late. And by that, I mean simple math: adding up or taking away. I think about it in relation to the years that keep clicking off on my own human odometer…I think about it in relation to the personal and financial expenses of building a business…I think about it as it all reflects upon the goals I have as an athlete.

I add up the hours every day that I hope amount to something. Failure is in no way an option for me so I stay focused but I long to ensure I can ‘compete’. At least to the level I know I can and should be. I look at the scale some mornings and see the work I need to do to subtract the pounds away. I put the beer back in the fridge before I convince myself “Aww, another one won’t hurt, right?” I talk to myself silently that I can add-in time during my week to accommodate the things I need to feel sane…and taking away some of the stress that builds when you are scared that things will come crashing down.

It’s all getting extremely interesting, precarious and unforgettable. And the math becomes an interesting thread through it all.

Give and take. Add and subtract.


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