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The Fruita of our Loins

fruita bikesFruita is the ‘high desert’ as they say. Dry, typically sunny. Not so much for Webber and I as we made the 5 hour drive from Boulder to the 16th annual Fruita Fat Tire Festival p/b New Belgium Brewery. Snow spitting, wind howling, gray skies clouding what should have been epic April bluebird days. There were races to be raced this weekend both in Boulder as well as Fruita…but Webber and I thought it best to find some Zen without numbers pinned and just flow. We packed tents with the best intent to sleep outside, only to succumb to hotel camping. We’re getting old I guess.

The weekend menu was: Lunch Loops in Grand Junction Friday for some openers and to see the Free Lunch trail Webber helped design. Saturday was Monument/South I70 Classics and Sunday would be some delectable 18 Road singletrack.  Of course I Strava-ized everything so you can get a sense of the trails and rides…

Friday - Grand Junction/Lunch Loops

We literally jumped out  of the car after the long drive, chamoised up and rode for a bit in between snow/wind squalls. The trails were epic in GJ and if you are a big hit junkie, you should experience the Free Lunch trail. Webber and I did it on our cross country bikes and walked the big hucks, but it was insanely fun.

Saturday - Colorado National Monument Trails (Kokopelli, Horse Thief. Mary’s, etc, etc)

We decided on a long one today, so we linked up pretty much everything we could into a massive loop. The trails are marked super well and by now, we are pretty intimate with the trail system in Fruita. Webber was like a ‘returning son’ with all the old timers happy to see him. And yes, beers were had…especially the Fat Tire 1554. Yum.

Sunday - 18 Road Trails

I broke out the 1x1 today and had so much fun on the 18 Road trails. I ran a 32x18 which was OK…a 32x19 or better yet a 20 would have been perfect to ensure I could nail the climbs. We hooked up with our good friends Josh Harrod and a recovering Alison Powers (who was hiking for the day) and a free riding, wheelie popping Greg Frozely from SRM. He rides like me kicking just about anything with a lip…and that was fun.

We also hooked up with our good friend Steve “Seve” Bobusch who indicated he’s got a lot going on…including his new “29NSNGL” underground team. He also did what I should have done…and that was GoPro’d the favorite haunts on 18 Road:

THE OPENER from Rob Doerre on Vimeo.

Somehow, I cased a rock while ‘flowing’ on Kessel Run. Webber said I was riding like a bag of rocks…funny as he was behind me on his full suspension getting dropped while I was on a steel rigid 1 gear (Get some, Pete! I have to get it in somehow as you drop my ass regulalry…). I completely dented a Stans ZTR 255 which I am running with rim brakes. Amazing that not one ounce of air burped. The seal is still strong as hell between the rim and my WTB ExiWolf beads.

stans rim

Phenomenal weekend. Phenomenal friends. Phenomenal trails. More MTB on the menu, please.

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