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BCS Ridleys

I can taste it. I can taste the blood in the back of my throat which only an effort like a cross race can give you.

And it’s almost that time again.

My motivation is off the charts this year. I am motivated to keep it upright, take my lines clean and train hard in the cool morning air. I am motivated to race competitively, to be the smoothest and have a blast with my best friends as we trade paint pushing each other to go harder, to be better. Last year is a distant memory but the lessons have been learned on what an injury can do to your psyche…but most importantly to what it can do to decrease the amount of fun you’re supposed to have! No more of that please.

The 2011 Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassadors team is taking shape again this year. New sponsors to be announced soon and new frames to get fit and dialed in. This year again with the unbelievable products from Ridley Bikes…custom-painted X-Fires. “More arrow than I am Indian” (™ – Timmy Faia) but I’ll ride them hard and we love these bikes to their (Belgian) core.

There will be new camps to give to kids & first timers (I’m assisting with the Amy Dombroski/Blue Sky Velo clinic on August 7th – Stay tuned for details) and camps for ‘experts’ alike (The FasCat CX Camp with Jeremy Powers August 12th to 14th). All of them hungry for knowledge of all the little aspects of the game to make them smoother, cleaner and having more confidence on the bike. All the ingredients to ensure smiles are had this coming season.

It’s almost time again. What did you do today to get ready?

Double hup, Pilgrims.

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