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The Jeremy Powers FasCat Cyclocross Camp | Just get here…

As our man with mic Dave Towle says: It’s on like Donkey Kong! The 2011 FasCat Coaching Cyclocross camp is on again and this time with even more firepower: J to the Pows. Jeremy Powers, riding for the single most styled-out team on the planet, Rapha-Focus, will be here as the ‘Coach in Chief’ for the camp, imparting all his ninja tricks to get you fast, smooth and ripping for this coming season (which incidentally starts in 2.5 months, people).

Last year’s inaugural camp was amazing. This year will be even BETTER. My feeling is even if you think you know the game of cross…you don’t. It’s a continual process of learning (like anything good in life) and if you are as passionate as we are to perfect your game, you need to be here. Technique, equipment, training and philosophy, it’s all learned here at the camp. Jeremy says…

“If you're going to spend one weekend working on your cyclocross game, THIS IS THE ONE!” said Powers. “As a rider you're going to get a lot from these 2 ½ days. We're going to have some of the most knowledgeable cyclocross coaches in the country all in one place to help teach the art of cyclocross technique and racing. Hope to see you in Boulder on August 12th!”

Have questions? Drop me a line. On the fence? You owe it to yourself. Repeat those words: YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF. Get fast, have fun and rip it this season.

Learn more about the camp and sign up HERE and read below.

Jeremy Powers Boulder Cycle Sport and FasCat Coaching CX Camp Flyer

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