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The 2012 Ridley X-Fire | Custom Boulder Cycle Sport Edition

Honestly, I am not sure even where to begin with this post as I’m having trouble keeping the tears out of my eyes these bikes are so beautiful. Opening up the box shipped to Boulder Cycle Sport directly from the mad Ridley laboratories in Belgium literally had my heart racing….and it was not a let down once the bubble wrap was removed. Behold the 2012 Ridley X-Fire – with a paint scheme custom designed by the geniuses at Ridley’s Custom Fabrication Studio for the Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassador’s team. Brandon, Pete, Allen and I are beyond stoked to ride Ridley yet again this season after three great years of our BCS/Ridley relationship.

The 2012 X-Fires are an incredible animal…offering new features over its 2011 predecessor. We love the X-Fires due to their versatility. With minimal weight penalty, we have removable seat posts and bottle cages so when we’re not racing on these bikes, we’re putting in long epic miles on them upon the endless high-altitude dirt roads Colorado offers us.

So let me take you through some of the highlights of the 2012 Ridley X-Fire which we’ll be rocking through the mud this season…(and it’s OK to get misty eyed due to the beauty of their stunning custom paint.)


The frame sizes and geometry have not changed year over year for the X-Fire. Seat post size remains 31.6 with a 34.9 front derailleur clamp. As always, you should thoroughly inspect the Ridley sizing chart and ask questions of your local retailer. Ridley geometry and sizing is atypical from what you may be used to given its higher bottom bracket and aggressive ‘fast forward’ geometry and rider positioning. But now, with the Ridley brand so heavily permeated in the United States, information and knowledge across the interwebs exists to help ensure you are on the right frame. As always, feel free to send a note to me through the contact form if you are not sure!



The front fork of the X-Fire remains stiff and chatter-resistant. 1 1-1/8’ to 1.5” oversized lower head tube bearing is what is responsible for the rigidity.



The 2012 X-Fire utilizes a completely sealed PressFit 30 Bottom Bracket Assembly. No ‘drain holes’ whatsoever to contaminate the BB.



Seriously, as a cyclocrosser, what company would you want making your frame?



The downtube of the X-Fire is still and oversized.



Another shot of the head tube…and the proud Ridley badge. Yes, that black paint sparkles. Unbelievable…



The custom paint application is amazing. Everything is carefully taped and hand-sprayed followed by copious amounts of lacquer to keep the finish pretty for a few seasons.



Even the smallest details are incredible.



New for the 2012 X-Fire are completely sealed internally routed cable pathways! Like the X-Night, the X-Fire enables you to run complete cable housing from the bars to the bits…essentially ensuring not one ounce of mud will contaminate your shifting or braking. Pair this up with a SRAM Professional ‘Sealed’ cable system and you are golden for an entire season. Just install and forget.



The entrance for the internal routing of the front derailleur enters the right side of the downtube….



…and exits on the left side of the downtube near the bottom bracket.



The X-Fire’s rear derailleur hanger is replaceable.

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