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Live Streaming Cross Worlds Commentary From Mud and Cowbells!

Live Streaming Cross Worlds Commentary From Mud and Cowbells!

Join Mud and Cowbells this Sunday as Pete Webber and Greg Keller team up to call the action of the 2012 Men's Elite Cyclocross World Championships!

This will be one of the few English language commentaries live and in real time. Pete and I will announce all the action as it happens, and also include insight and analysis into the riders, tactics, equipment and infamous Koksijde course. Pete is one of the few Americans who raced at the World Championships when it was last held at Koksijde in 1994. Have a look at his antics below. He's always fun to listen to, and our audio track is certain to be entertaining!

Here's how it's gonna work:

On race day, open two windows on your browser (or use two computers.) In one window pull up a live video stream of the race, in the other window listen to our audio commentary. Use the volume sliders in each window to adjust the levels. Crank up Mud and Cowbell's audio and turn down the foreign announcers, or listen to them both! Arrange the windows on your screen so the race video is full size, and keep Pete and Greg in the background or corner, right where they belong!

On Sunday morning, get up early and go to to find up-to-the-minute links for live video coverage of the race. Then go to a link to our commentary. Then grab your cowbell, pop open a Jupiler, sit back and enjoy what is gonna be the biggest cross race the planet has ever seen!

Pete 1

Pete 2

Pete 3

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