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Giving it a go..


So my wife and I are going for it. Three weeks of “za program.” All to try and hit that re-set button our bodies pretty much needed 10 years ago. Three weeks of complete diet change and at its core, flowing back into some discipline.

Our main tool is a juicer, Everything goes in…all the richest superfoods you can conjure up juiced into cocktails that are absolutely delicious. Kale, carrots, almond milk, coconut water, whole apples…the list of foods you can ingest is awesome. The downside is that you have to shelve the good stuff for some time…sugars, coffee, adult beverages, processed anything, wheat. But that’s the discipline I mentioned. I’ve got to get into that mental cadence again and this path thus far has been great to re-fire those neurons.

I’m off the bike mostly these days following the cross season, save for roller sessions and an occasional spin outside. I’m back in love with the running though. It feels super flowy and natural railing the trails around here. I’m trying to get out a few times a week. Some days hard-ish, other days soft-ish. I picked up a pair of syncroFuel Trail’s from Pearl Izumi. I swear to you they’re like the Clement PDX or Dugast Rhino of the running world. BOMBING down snowy descents with nary a forward slip. I’m really impressed as I’d never had trail runners that performed quite like these before.


So go these gray days of winter as I gear down, focus on some new things and clear out the badness in me that’s been building a home in my gullet. Time to wipe it clean.

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