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Skinning your knees

Work put in. Results come out. It's a simple equation applied to virtually, sports, relationships....and of course given my last 2 months of pretty scary body melt-downs: lots of work put into healing. All of this has caused my writing to take a back seat as I continue to get some strength back in my aging corpse...all the while also being pretty much completely consumed with life lately. I'm in this vast stretch of learning...and in learning, falling on my proverbial knees, skinning them into bloody pulps and simply learning by experience how not to do [said wrong thing] again. 

Train and ride hard for years and don't give back? Wham! Skinned knees. Jump head first into a job doing things I've never done before and fumbling about like an imbecile until it becomes instinctive? Wham! Skinned knees. Trying to be a father to sons who are growing mentally and physically at such a ferocious pace these days, I feel like I'm flailing and inadequate. WHAM! Skinned knees. 

"If you know what you're doing, you're not learning."

Here's the period where I am letting go. Not holding on like a stubborn pile of shit who is convinced his way is best. I'm relying on gut....and the theory that most times, less is more...all to be able to learn these new lessons (or at least not combat them...and let the knowledge pour in). 

Don't do the work for the employee - Tell 'em they'll find the answer and to go deeper. 

Don't go ballistic on your sons when they simply outright refuse to get out of bed for school...for the 4th day in a row. - Ask 'em why they are behaving this way. 

Don't try to get back on the bike when your back is yelling at you - Chill...the riding is in the legs all these years. 

I'm not re-inventing by any means. Just listening more. Stretching mind and body so I can sustain. Life.  

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