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Wait for it....wait for it....

Preparation. Patience. Staying focused. Taking the long view. It's all the stuff I have essentially plastered on my mental walls these days to remind myself to 'remain calm and move forward.' I've made a call in an attempt to act like an adult to push back my racing a bit. While the legs and heart feel great, I simply do not think that I can take a risk jumping into racing after more or less exactly 4 weeks since breaking my clavicle again. I have great mobility but it's still a bit sore and I can envision the sort of havoc I'd wreak on it jumping into full combat this weekend. I'll miss one of my favorite courses at Xilinx but there will be more....

All my attentions now are on my sons, however. (Poor kids?). Ha. But it is such a rush to see the boys railing and laughing and having fun. Each attempting to out 'smooth' each other with their newly found re-mounts. The race at Valmont this weekend was classic Colorado: dusty, fast and 90 degrees. The kids were absolute heroes. It's unbelievable what they can do with their little bodies. Especially when motivated by an ice cream at Spooners afterwards. 

So, for me, more of 'das training' and more focus down the road and the promise of feeling great when I really need to. Maybe for once this will teach me! I'm just as excited as every to race. Building the new bikes will be a great distraction and less stressful to get 'em done right away...


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