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iMacs are gud

I can't believe it. I've built software for Windo$ platforms for nearly 15 years and we got our first iMac here at home recently. Nice OS but it ain't all that plus tax. Having beta'd Vista, that is equally as sick (yeah it probably ripped off a zillion things from Mac OS...blah blah blah). The iMac's sweet and integrates lots of shite well and has fancy cameras built in (e.g. like shooting stupid pictures like this while sitting in front of the Mac. I can envision those poor psychos on Dateline NBC: To catch a Predator using this while rubbinng know...uh thighs).

Anyhoo, is this post bike or 'cross related? No. But'll help me get blogilicious in the Summer when I tap in my video from the CX clinics and whatnot.

Make the sun come. Warm muscles, open jerseys, heat.

The White Stuff

Oy fricken Vay, man. It continues. This is out my front door. Yesterday, blissful sun and the beginnings of sun tan lines from my helmet straps on my head, to another round of the shite. Rally Sport bikes are getting abused by me.

This AM and this week I went extremely hard. Got to get the bad out. Stazio this weekend but still up in the air for me. I feel great but do not want to deal with knuckleheads and their twitchiness this early on in the season. I do not need to end up sliding into a curb at 30 MPH. That course is fast, somewhat fun, but always has sand and tight corners by the ball fields. These hour efforts in March do not matter. Mol matters. Short track and and having fun matters. My single speed matters. Putting smiles back on my face early in the morning matters so I can come home human and light up my wife and boys faces and not be a surly bitch. Combat the imbalance with balance.

Single Speed Training

Per my post below, sort of cool timing. From Cycling News:

Single speed advantages

Does training on a single speed bring any particular advantages? Obviously riding a single speed leads to pushing harder at times and spinning faster at other times, but does this bring any benefits to the rider when he transfers back to his geared bike?


Scott Saifer replies:

The single speed does force you to push hard on the pedals, developing power which you can use on your geared bike, and force you to spin higher cadences, which can help you develop your spin for sprinting or routine riding depending how bad you spin is to start with. If you went out and deliberately trained the same variety of cadences on a geared bike, you'd get the same benefit.

The major benefit of the single-speed is that it is different and so can keep training fresh and interesting for a few more hours now and then. I would not suggest using the single speed exclusively. If it is a fixed gear as well as a single speed, avoid spinning out on down hills. The single speed does not help make you smoother when the pedals are driving your feet, but only when you feet are driving the pedals.


Post Japan, things are going fairly good again. I am in love with my SS and am finding it hard to go on longer road rides when that bike just feels so good.

In the gym I have been going deep on the weights and core. Can't say that I am going to have a six-pack and all that (i think I'm skinny enough) but I can feel the difference in the depth of my breathing just by having given other parts of my body some attention. I have been going fairly deep on the leg presses as well to develop a deeper strength which I haven't done since...well a long time let's say.

So to see where rubber meets road on all of this, I have been doing this route which is great on the SS. Climb Lee Hill, bomb Left Hand Canyon to Heil Ranch, loop that puppy and re-climb up Old Stage back home. Perfect. Mainly as it is all so close to my house. Climbing LH on the single is tough with the 32 x 16 but perfect to sort of continue that core leg strength work I have been doing. Sometimes it feels like I am going to blow the chain right off that puppy but she's hanging in there.

I can not wait for heat. Open jerseys, blaring sun, warm muscles.

Japan killed me...

...A week of travel abroad and I feel like a bloated 'business guy'. Life is interesting for me like that. I kinda do everything at 7 kazillion miles an hour. Family. cycling, work. Don't know any other way. I'll probably have a heart attack so violent some day my heart'll blow out of my chest like that scene in Aliens.

Anyhoo, my pathetic run in Yokohama after traveling across the world did me very little good but my ride back at altitude with G Pent yesterday upon my return made me feel a bit better. Back in the gym today with my beautiful wife. Time to let the jet-bloat drain.

Belgium 2008.

The designer should be fired...

...for missing this glaring f-up. The Upside down/half obscured Discovery on their uni's looks horrible. Who missed that one?

Photo by

"Sven ist de top!"

Yes, those are lyrics from the Sven Nys theme song you'll hear in this video. I do not know weather to laugh, vomit or sing along. There is a GREAT article in last month's Cycle Sport magazine of Sven's "Supporter Club". This is a video from the same club a local TV station did.

"Sven is de Top! Oh yeah! Blah blah bla biddy blah!"

De TGV van Baal...

Quite an advertisement for the 07 WK's:

Many of you have probably already seen that...

Katie's secret weapon

Sorry for the delay in posts. Been in Japan working my arse off. This is hilarious:

Schools warn of possible Spike Shooter's side effects


At least three Pikes Peak region high schools are warning students and parents about the potential dangers of a potent new energy drink.

The warning comes after a few teenagers sought medical care after drinking Spike Shooter, an 8-ounce can that contains more than three times the caffeine of a home-brewed cup of coffee and several herbal stimulants.

Doherty High School has banned the drink on campus and persuaded a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store to remove it from the shelves, said Principal Jill Martin. Several Doherty students experienced shortness of breath, heart palpitations and nausea after just one can, she said.

Spike Shooter, produced by Colorado Springs-based Biotest Laboratories, hit convenience stores in mid-December. It’s also sold in California and over the Internet. It contains no calories or sugar and is advertised as a “high-speed energy drink.”

Tim Patterson, chief executive officer of Biotest, said he’d heard of no such problems until seeing an e-mail one school sent out to parents. He characterized the warnings as “hysteria.”

He said the drink is not intended for teenagers — or overuse — and people should heed the labels.

Photo from Velonews
The can contains three warnings about its potency, including one that says it should not be consumed by anyone under 18 or the elderly. A label for recommended use says people should start with half a can to “determine tolerance,” not to exceed one can daily.

“It was an unintended consequence. We don’t make any products targeted to young teenagers,” he said, adding, “It’s really difficult to control abuse of a product.”

Still, he said the company is considering a commercial that would act as a public service announcement to remind people of its potency.

Jared Stevenson, 17, never dreamed a caffeinated beverage could cause him so much discomfort when he downed a can of it Feb. 12.

“I heard about it through friends. They were ravin’ about how awesome and cool it is and how hyper you could get off of it,” he said.

The Aspen Valley High School junior became short of breath. He grew anxious and jittery, and his heart raced. After a bus ride to Pikes Peak Community College, where he’s enrolled in a vocational program, school employees called an ambulance.

Paramedics said his pulse was extremely high. He was sent home with his parents for six hours of observation, and later vomited.

Martin, at Doherty, said several of her students experienced similar symptoms late last week. One girl was transported by ambulance to be checked out at the hospital. Another was “so shaky and messed-up” she was wheeled to the front office in a wheelchair. A third student was taken to the hospital from home, she said.

“One of the things they’re saying is it’s an energy drink, and I’m tired, and this is going to help me in school,” she said.

She plans to send out an e-mail to parents about the drink today. The drink sells for $2.19 a can at another 7-Eleven.

Aspen Valley, in Academy School District 20, and Liberty High School, also in D-20, sent a note to parents warning them about the beverage.

The fruit-flavored, carbonated drink was released in California in October with no complaints, Patterson said, and similar products have been available at stores such as GNC for years. Before being introduced as a drink, Biotest sold a Spike pill.

The company’s target demographic is adults ages 18-34, he said. It advertises on, a social Web site, and KILO-FM 94.3, a local rock station.

Katie Compton, a national cyclocross champion sponsored by Spike, said she enjoys the drink but concedes it should be used in moderation.

“Kids, they make mistakes and they drink too much and they over do it,” she said.

For Stevenson, the scare was enough to almost entirely quit caffeine. He said he now sticks to water and tea. Two friends who had planned to chug a couple of cans to get a buzz refrained when they saw what happened to him. Stevenson’s message to would-be Spike drinkers: Know your limits. “I didn’t know, and I paid for it.”


Single'n in the mucky muck....

The team did a road ride today but after the piss rain ice snow dusting we got and woke up to, this AM, I said no thanks, smiled and called up my team mate who I knew would be jonesing for a single spin. Brad and I hooked up a mini epic that saw us do some fairly heavy climbing (about 4K) going from No Bo up Lee Hill and traversing up Bowman's to Sunshine to Poorman's to some more epic shit. Multiple hours of bliss. It was rad.

I spent some time reworking the single and I can not envision riding any other bike. I've had this frame since 96 ( no poop) and gave it some love with some super stiff cranks and BB, wheels, brakes etc. I am running a more sensible 32 x 16 gearing on this which is just climb-able although the watts must be out of hand I am pushing. My weekly training has been going great and all the wight work I have been doing made me feel super human today even with a slight cold. The irony of the crap weather we have had is all the core I have been doing which is such an afterthought around these parts as the weather is typically like buttah. Even in February.

Anywhoo, for you bike sluts, here's my old Dean with some new decals and some new parts to make me spin nicer.