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Worlds this weekend. Lots of Amerikaner's going. Wish I were there too to witness the spectacle. Where's Hooglede-Gits, Belgium you ask? See here. Smack dab in the middle of the mother-land. The weather looks nice and Sven-like as well. I wonder of he burned too much coal at the last World Cup and/or if Wellens made the right decision to pull himself and save some coal. Gerben just shut down in the Netherlands last weekend. From teh looks of it, he not only burned all the coal but needed some surplus.

I hope Page rocks it this weekend. I really do. I feel a top 5 (dare I say it) because this kid is uber-determined to score a road contract for 07 which is still eluding him at the moment (I believe). Go boy. Ride like you stole something.

Watching this reminds me of Red Rocks this year (in the snow) or of Aptos CA in the Santa Cruz Series of 2002 (mad mud like this but a hill 3 x as long).

Not sure even if Dugast Rhinos would have saved some of these guys. Anyone on Tufos would've bit it.

CROSS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!

Nice! Nice! Nice! Nice! Nice!

Our own Chris G has outdone himself. Homes got himself a UCI Cat 1 'cross in Vegas (baby!). It would be foolish not to go and race this. Foolish:

5 Questions with Danny Summerhill

(This is from reproduced from

The 17-year-old Elite Junior cyclist from Colorado took a few minutes to talk to about winning his second National Cyclocross Title, training over the holidays at Euro Cross Camp IV, his plan for Cross Worlds, and, oh yeah, trying to be a teenager on the side.

1. Now that you have had a month to reflect on your repeat win at the 'Cross Nationals, tell us how you feel and how the second one was different from the first?

"I think that my second cyclocross national championship was different from last year first of all because of the conditions and that it was a much faster and a lot less technical course then the year before. Secondly would have to be the fact that I had and have a much bigger goal in mind this season which is doing well at Worlds. So, unlike last year, doing well at Nationals just so I could go to Worlds was not so much of an issue. Don't get me wrong though, of course I enjoyed winning a second cross title but it was most of all just icing on the cake I think when I look at my overall focus which is of course to ride well at Worlds."

2. How will your experience at Euro-cross Camp 4 over the holidays give you some confidence going into Cyclocross Worlds?

"I think that seeing that I can make it and hold my own in the lead group was the biggest and best thing I learnt this year in Europe. I remember last year how it was always Bjorn (Selander) in the lead group and myself in the chase group. But now it is my turn to be the most watched US junior over there and that's given me confidence which will really help the most at Worlds."

3. What will your approach be for the racing you'll do when you head to Europe for Cross World's at the end of the month?

"I plan to do the World Cup the week before as kind of a final tune up race before Worlds just to shake out the last bit of the airplane legs left in me. Then I will have several days of very focused training with Noel and Geoff Proctor before the big race on January 27th."

4. After World's what does 2007 hold in store for you?

"Just getting back in to the road scene and, just like I focused on cyclocross Worlds, focus on road Worlds as well as possibly hitting a couple of the big calendar races along the way."

5. What do you do to maintain some sort of balance between having a life and competing at cycling's highest level?

"I think the biggest thing I do to balance my life would have to be hanging out with family and friends, going to parties and doing normal kid stuff to help keep me in check with reality when I am home and not traveling."

Keep up with danny and the rest of the TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR Cyclo-Cross Team at Eurocrossers


Imagine you and your bro doing this...

Please, oh PLEASE let us thaw out. I need that feeling again. Rollers aren't doing it any more. No more voice of Phil Ligget.

De Amerikan Henry Kramer werd tweede!

Henry Kramer of California's Cal-Giant CX squadra took the silver at the UCI Master's Worlds! What a great job on an incredibly sandy course in Mol. As said before, absolute inspiration. I'll be there next year.

I was told that the race officials each year do a completely random lottery line up (e.g. no call ups). But Henry said on his blog that the Belgian Ron who won, got 'tha call up'. Dunno what that means but if anyone cares to comment on how this is handled over there for teh UCI Master's Worlds, I'm all ears.


We suck

Trialsn'.Unbelievable is the only way to describe this. The Hans Rey stuff was great and insane in the 80'sbut this is a new level or street trials.

Race fans! Live at Memorial Coliseum! SUPERCYCLOCROSS!

Yup. It's been moved indoors folks. 'Crossing in your local coliseum sharing weekends with backflipping FMX and the Poison/Ratt/Whitesnake triple headliner concert you've been waiting for.

Le Mans start! Just like the DFL's in San Francisco.

Sven of course pulled out the overall which was composed of shorter 'heats' which led to a 'main event'....just like super cross. Lots of crashing I hear. Those foolios better mind their P's and Q's before the WK's!

More pics here.

Absolute Inspiration

So, every day I wake up and I say to myself: "You will be in Belgium in 2008. You will be in Belgium in 2008." No joke. I have this goal to go and mix it up and experience the scene. One year from now. My wife is so rad and reminds me of this too almost every day.

How this goal came to be is through stories I've heard from my buds in CA, namely Evan, of guys from Black Market Racing (long time partners of Paul and Rock Lobster) and Cal Giant going for a number of years now to mix it up in local and Master's Worlds races in Belgium. Living here in Boulder, more stories from new friends here having done the same and dialing me into who I need to contact, etc, are getting me even further exited.

So to add more color to this story, Henry Kramer, a well known masters animal from the left coast just pulled off his first masters win over there this weekend. So rad! I would love to see him lay wood on these guys this Saturday at the Master's Worlds. GO BIG HENRY!

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(Original photo here)
Can I wait another 365 days??

Vids from CO State CX Champs

Some vids my team-mate Chris V took on his fan-dangled device of the woods section at Xilinx. Super muddy that day so you had to tread gingerly through these sections even with spikes.

Vid 1:

Vid 2:

Vid 3: