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Ha! This is hilarious. I borrowed this from sufferingcyclocross blog but a quick google image search unveiled this fantastic cartoonist. Check 'em out here.

This cartoon of Richard G is perfect. It show's Ree-chard's fairly common portrait of mud splatter and sagging bottom lip. Grooven-dahl's tell tale sign when he starts to suffer is his lip sagging, mouth open and this AWESOME trail of snot, saliva that drips onto his Rabo skin suit. Suffering. I love this guy: Behold exhibit A:

Pantani's is awesome too:

Ben's back...


Photo courtesy of cyclo-cross info

Now he's all bad ass with jail house tatt's. Ben B's drug suspension is officially over and is free and clear to race. Don't know what to think. I used to LOVE to watch this guy race. Hands always on the hoods or in the drops always with heel scraping pedal action powering through the mud. But he doped and I just can't look at him in the same light. The same way I can't look at Philip M.





So this is probably old news to you voracious readers but I noticed that Joachim Parbo pulled out the "W" at his national champs. Why is this meaningful? 'Cause he is bar none one on the nicest guys I've ever met. Sincerely. He came to the Republic this season and stayed with Chris G to get immersed in the scene here and trained with us on the Wed AM workouts until he left to go back to the mother land and race the GvA's, SP's and WK's. Indeed he's a fast mo fo but super fun to dice it up with (when I could stay with him before exploding violently). His battles at the Rez with Wells, Baker et al were rad. Check 'em here:

(Can't access the exact album at the moment so search...).

In any event, "good on ya, Joachim!" Glad to see you'll be in the flag kit this year. Come back to Boulder!

Cyclocross Videos

OK, sluts, warm up your credit cards...

Barb Wire

OK, So do the French have 2-for-one deals on Barbed wire tattoos? Is this a cool cult tattoo in French-land? C'mon guys, get creative.

World Cup in Rhode Island for 07/08???

Whoa. Anyone reading this blog certainly has hit the daily news digest on already and seen this. Ho-lee sheeit. This would be insane. Logistically it would be relatively harmless for the Eauros to come over as it would be early in the season but ripe for the US season. I would certainly go and race Masters events in RI if a true WC is to materialize in RI. Would you?

If the UCI World Cup came to the US in Rhode Island, would you go and race?
Would go and spectate
Would go and race
Would not watse my time free polls


That's the sound Cccccccccherben De Ge Knecccccccccccccccchet made when he imploded on the super muddy NL champs today to allow Lars "I'm a stud 'cause I run a 42t single ring like my main man Greg from mudandcowbells" Boom to kill it and take the red white an blue tricolor. Reeechard could've pulled it off I feel all 99 Worlds style like when he last took the stripes. Anyhoo, here's a YouTube to distract you from work tomorrow you cross sluts:

My Scott Team for sale

I'm selling my 06 team CX frame/fork/Ritchey Pro Carbon seat post. Awesome bike and cared for like a baby. $500 bucks. I have a bunch of random Cross parts from seasons past if you are looking to get into the spot and need some as well to hang on this frame.

Boulder Iditarod

Fun fun fun today. 20 degrees max and windy as a beeatch...but I had to get out. Too much rollers and Rally Sport indoor madness. Rolled two hours through the frozen wilderness. The bike paths were great and I hooked up a quite a bunch. Lots of solid intervals through deep snow. The paths were like tunnels of trees and snow. Perfect.

Saw some dudes in Boulder filming themselves grinding some rails on their snowboards. Hilarious.
Took a snap but had to keep rolling.

January 2008 is a long time away. It will be great to be in Belgium. I think about it every day. Until then, I am making the best of it here in the Republic. Beautiful.


Photo courtesy of Cyclocrossonline
Ha! Nice! Somewhere in a house in Spokane WA, a friend of mine is screaming in joy for his man Bart. I didn't make the correct call with Erwin, but Fidea brought home the win. Looks like Sven had a bit of a spill and it came down to the last lap. Shucks. It'll be great to see bart in the Belgian tricolor next year. Sweet. Looking forward to seeing this race on DVD as it will be epic.