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Oh dear...

Get this guy to a CX clinic post haste:

Merry Christmas!

Totally picturesque here. White Christmas for sure. My wife is totally rad and filled my stocking with all the goodies to replensih what I burned through during CX season: Degreaser, lube, brushes...all kinds of goodies.

Well back to the boys and building pirate ships and powerranger toys. All teh best and Marry Christmas!

Hop it Cupcake!

Evan sent me this YouTube link. Sick.

Makes me want to get out on my cx bike today....

Cabin fever leads to projects

So we're getting out in the snow when we can and having fun but spending a lot of time indoors. Yesterday we laced up the skates and and brought the kids skating for the first time. I laced up my old Daust boots and was stoked . The kids loved it. Bringing them home exhausted, I found some time to go through my work shop. I've been meaning to do this for a while and finally got around to taking all my wheels off the ground (which I often times find my kids literally walking across) and hanging them from the wall. Cheap trick:
Went to McGukins Hardware where legions of old retired men who know EVERYTHING about anything assist you with what you're looking for.

I bought a boat load of those bike hooks and voila: Insta space created:

Snow....and Product Reviews

So the Front Range got POUNDED the last few days with snow. This is old school "Storm of '77 " stuff for those of you old enough to have experienced the snow storm we got in that year growing up in New England.

It's been good being off bikes. Looking forward to starting to ride again though. Been running the Hogs Back which is out my door and riding rollers albeit low intensity. I'm trying to release some of that intensity-fitness and re-build again. Having fun though.

I *am* going to do that product review when I can get my act together. I experimented with a lot of things this year from tires (Tufo, Challenge, Michelin) to forks (Alpha Q 06 and 07), Frames (Rock Lobster and Scott Team Issue) to brake pads (SwissStop in particular) along with wheels (FSA 488 Carbon Fiber). There are things I'll change for sure next year but some things will stay the same (e.g. single rung 42 or 44). I'd contemplated going double ring 36/46 but screw that. Too many moving parts.

So stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

Ebola Virus

Since my post after the CO States, I STILL can not shake this flu. I thought I was getting bettrer in Anaheim but low and behold, I can barley even drum up enough energy to take a shower....or go into the garage to unhook my wheels and tires I want to do a season review of. Stay tuned....

Oh and congrats to the CO CX'ers out there at Nats. Holy Sheeite. What a demonstration:

(from Jared's blog):

Colorado at Cross Natz
How good is the cross scene in Colorado?

National Champions
Amy Dombrowski~U~23 women
Danielle Haulman~17-18 women
Daniel Summerhill!!!!~17~18 men
Yannick Eckmann. Jr. 13-14
Ned Overend 50-54 Men
Katie Compton Pro women

Not National Champions, but close
Georgia Gould, 2nd Pro Women
Dennis Farrell 2nd, Keister 4th and Hilton 11t, Men's 45-49 Jon Baker, 11th Pros
Brandon Dwight, 4th 35-39
Joey Thompson 2nd ,Troy Wells 3rd Collegiate Men
Gary Thacker, 2nd 50-54 men

Friggin rad.


Took a couple-a days away from everything related to bikes, work, technology and Colorado and headed with the fam to Anaheim, of Disney. More posts to come now that we're back. I'm thinking about a tire review if I can get my act together. Tons of detail and feedback on the various rubber I used through the season. Gonna want/need feedback!

Where is Kasterlee

So, I need to be in Europe on business in February to visit some partners and customers in the lovely Benelux lowlands . S0 I got to thinking (I do most of my best thinking on the can), what if there's a cross going on? Low and behold there is! Last cross of the season in lovely Kasterlee. They have pro, master and junior events so I could probably hook up a mater event and get my arse kicked by sicko old belgians who have been crossing for as many years as Eric De Vlaeminck has world championships to his name.

So, anyhoo, we'll see. It's along shot given the business logistics but we'll see. It's a dream of mine to race over there some day and get some of that Belgium mud in my teeth.

Where's is Kasterlee anways?

Decision making process model...

OK, I don't want to get all "technical" on you but this is hilarious. I work in the software industry on products related to data and process modeling. At the end of the day, clean thinking up front can help you through any problems you face. So, I found this process model you can all print, clip out and keep in your wallets or camelbacks:

This retard should have applied this logic:

Joe S's Peloton Photos are up!

They are absolutely SWEET! I am honored that my team mates gave me the full supportes club treatment like you see in Belgium for their favorite stars:

Sven's Supporters:
Greg's (slightly lower budget) Supporters:

Thanks Jonny C. I was honored and helped me win the hole shot then explode in fantastic glory.

Go to PelotonPhoto to see the pics for all cats!!