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Sven gets pissed at the Ace of Cross

Check this out. Someone is getting fired from Sven's pit crew. This is not how you exchange the bike of the UCI World Cup leader/Belgian Champ/Former World's Champ. Albert had no chain on the day but Sven is clearly pissed when the bike exchanged get's humped:

Got my first 6 2006/2007 DVD's from Joe! SWEET! Already checked our De Knegt's win in Hasselt last night. Nice mindless stuff for the rollers!

Snow, resting heart rates and lymph nodes...

OK, borderline ridiculousness: Another 10"!! Crazy. After my hyperactive kids woke me up (like they do every single morning) at 5:40AM, I got out the shovel and unburied us yet again. I don't know why I shovel as our friggin neighborhood does not plow. I have to 4 x 4 the Volvo redlining the thing to make it to the main roads which are pathetically plowed but alt least can get us to civilization.

Even while not feeling well these days, I am too type A to just sit around. I've been having fun alternating rollers and gym stuff. My wife has been dragging me to Rally Sport and had me go through this military like workout for an hour with weights and nearly all core stuff. Holy crap. Tough but was so good to feel other muscles hurt rather than the normal leg pain from racing and training on bikes.

Speaking of sickness, the flu is getting under control. Went to the doc yesterday as a follow up appointment to get help for this chronic sinusitis thing I've had for time ad infinitum. Good news is my blood pressure was 102 over 61 and my HR sitting there in the office was 64. Ha!

I got some HORSE pills to take after realizing that I will not be able to get rid of this thing by wishing it away and taking more C. Next step is to ensure I do not have Hodgkins or lymphoma as my armit lymph is perennially swollen.

Even while racing I felt it in my armpit and it was annoying as all get up. Recent CT scans, blood tests and FNA's have indicated nothing at all serious but I am going to have this surgeon carve that puppy out in a week or two and probe it to make sure daddy doesn't have the big C. I don't need to 'come back' like Lance. I just need to get up on Mondays to go to work, be a daddy, husband and pay the mortgage to keep livin' the dream.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Too many things to see and do and accomplish.

A lost friend found!

Check this frame out. This is my old custom made Ahrens Design Group/Rock Lobster DS bike aptly named the "Duaal Slalaam" (now the Gate Slamer) by its creator Mike Ahrens. This was the bike which led to a lot of mike's now insane designs he's working hard on these days back in Cali.

The picture here looks nothing like how I had it set up but the frame is still the Newcastle Broiwn Ale Yellow I asked it to be painted! Imagine a White Brothers DC110, MRP Chain Guide, Syncros short stem, deep bend Azonic Rizers, low SDG saddle (like this guy has on...maybe that's the orginal), 8 speed XTR set up.

I had the bike built in 99, raced it for a couple of DS seasons then I sold the bike it to Vision Cyclery in SF (not sure if they exist but here's the way back machine to the rescue...)and they sold it on. Anyways, this who took the pic guy bought the bike and now uses it as an urban bomber as you can see.

Anyways, an old friend found.

Cyclists like process models.....and permanent training courses

Seems like cyclists have some common tastes. This is classic. This guy in the UK posted a blog that got me going.

For one:

1) He's into visually articulating processes with models...ha!. (See my posting below...)

And two...

2) He talks about dedicated facilities for racining/training for cyclisits in the UK, Lee Valley Park in the UK as an example.

We gotta get us some of that here in Boulder! The City Council chair Sean MgGrath got back to me saying they have heard us loud and clear at the last Boulder Parks and Recreation Board meeting. We've got to keep pushing to see this thing through. I don't think I can take another season running from Johnny Park Police just to get a bit of training in.

Product Review No. 1-SwissStop Brake Pads

So I want to do a year end review of all the various products I tried this year and provide some feedback. I am insane about my equipment (should probably devote more time to the engine but I digress) and want to share with you some of the observations I have had with stuff that I pay my hard earned money for. Nothing I review is given to me.

First up: SwissStop brake pads.

From the land of financial obfuscation and bank account trickery comes this wonderful pad from SwissStop.

Where Purchased/Cost/Story:
So this season, I rolled on some fast FSA 488 full carbon wheels. (I’ll do a review of these later but net:net…TOTALLY AWESOME WHEELS!). I picked them up dirt cheap during the summer and when it came time to build up my Rock Lobster Scandium Team, the issue I had was the brake pad issue against these full carbon wheels. I have run Empella FroggLegs for years and refuse to run anything else. Unbelievable power and clearance with my Dura Ace levers. The set up is a wee bit tough but once dialed, nothing beats them and all others (Spooky, Pauls, etc) try to emulate this design. So the dilemma was finding post-style brake pads meant for carbon rims to slip into the Empellas as they require post mount pads. I had been told by many many people not to run traditional pads, even if new, as the compound would be horrific if the weather turned sour (read: absolutely no braking power) let alone the squealing and stuttering issues experienced by using pads with compounds meant for aluminum or ceramic coated rims.

My first stop was to talk to my guru in Brandon D at Boulder Cycle Sport. I know he’s tried lots of combinations of equipment before and he faced the same dilemma with a new set of full carbon Zipps he was running for them this year. He located a company BBB Parts who ’sell’ something called the CrossStop from BBB. This product is a post style cartridge system which in theory would be perfect as I could swap out carbon fiber compound pads for aluminum ones (e.g. like you have on your Dura Ace road brakes more or less) if I want to train on the same bike with shitty old wheels. The issue was one of delivery. These guys at BBB could never come through for Brandon and deliver product. The unthinkable alternative was to lose the FroggLeggs and use Avid Shorty's or some like system which you can find carbon pads for. So back to my search...

Days passed and literally I’m thinking I need to sell these FSA wheels as it’s too much hassle. After a long search (and I should have started here!) our peeps at Cyclocrossworld just sourced these pads this year and were exactly what I was looking for. Stu at Cyclocrossworld walked me through the SwissStop Yellow Rat’s for Carbon Rims.

Cost was $50.99 for a set of 4.

Set up:
Simple. It’s a post mount. But, note on the pads that there are small indicators in English for Front/Right, Front/Left, Rear/Right, and Rear/Left. This I assume does some level of toeing in so to speak. The distance from the post to the front of the pad and the post to the rear of the pad is asymmetrical and thus need to be used differently on the front or rear.

How did they Work?
Delicious. Here are my observations:

1) They modulate beautifully. When the heat up, they feel just like my normal pads on aluminum or ceramic rims.

2) Little chop: After a few rides, the pads and front fork (an 06 Alpha Q) would chop under heavy power-braking. I started to get a bit peeved but literally washed the rim and the pads with soap and water and it re-set them back to their original state. No chop.

3) No build up: I experienced virtually no build up on the rim of pad residue. A barely noticeable trace of yellow streaking.

4) Dry Performance: Excellent.

5) Wet Performance: Excellent. Nearly identical feel to dry in wet conditions.

6) Mud Performance: Excellent: a bit slippery but would hook up fairly nicely once heated.

7) Cold/Snow conditions: I raced these extensively in 45 degree and below weather and met with perfect results. The cold carbon and cold compound did not seem to adversely affect performance. I did not race these in snow unfortunately because I blew a tubular at the 2nd to last race (the last two races were in snow/mud) and was not going to go and repair them for two races left in the season.

8) Use on aluminum rims: I never used this pad or compound on aluminum rims. I decided to preserve the pads for exclusive use on those carbon wheels. Last time I checked, I do not have a contract with Fidea and need to buy these things myself! I don’t need aluminum shavings in my bling carbon fiber, yo!

I hope this helps anyone in search of solving this problem next year. More reviews to come…

Oh dear...

Get this guy to a CX clinic post haste:

Merry Christmas!

Totally picturesque here. White Christmas for sure. My wife is totally rad and filled my stocking with all the goodies to replensih what I burned through during CX season: Degreaser, lube, brushes...all kinds of goodies.

Well back to the boys and building pirate ships and powerranger toys. All teh best and Marry Christmas!

Hop it Cupcake!

Evan sent me this YouTube link. Sick.

Makes me want to get out on my cx bike today....

Cabin fever leads to projects

So we're getting out in the snow when we can and having fun but spending a lot of time indoors. Yesterday we laced up the skates and and brought the kids skating for the first time. I laced up my old Daust boots and was stoked . The kids loved it. Bringing them home exhausted, I found some time to go through my work shop. I've been meaning to do this for a while and finally got around to taking all my wheels off the ground (which I often times find my kids literally walking across) and hanging them from the wall. Cheap trick:
Went to McGukins Hardware where legions of old retired men who know EVERYTHING about anything assist you with what you're looking for.

I bought a boat load of those bike hooks and voila: Insta space created:

Snow....and Product Reviews

So the Front Range got POUNDED the last few days with snow. This is old school "Storm of '77 " stuff for those of you old enough to have experienced the snow storm we got in that year growing up in New England.

It's been good being off bikes. Looking forward to starting to ride again though. Been running the Hogs Back which is out my door and riding rollers albeit low intensity. I'm trying to release some of that intensity-fitness and re-build again. Having fun though.

I *am* going to do that product review when I can get my act together. I experimented with a lot of things this year from tires (Tufo, Challenge, Michelin) to forks (Alpha Q 06 and 07), Frames (Rock Lobster and Scott Team Issue) to brake pads (SwissStop in particular) along with wheels (FSA 488 Carbon Fiber). There are things I'll change for sure next year but some things will stay the same (e.g. single rung 42 or 44). I'd contemplated going double ring 36/46 but screw that. Too many moving parts.

So stay tuned and Merry Christmas!