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Your First Cyclocross Race | A Slideshow for Beginner


Cyclocross for Novices: Your First Race

When: Thu 8/30 7:30 - 8:30 pm

Where: Boulder Cycle Sport - North // 4580 Broadway

What Is It: Veteran cyclocross coach Pete Webber will lead a one-hour slideshow covering everything you need to know to tackle your first cyclocross race. He'll cover building skills & fitness, equipment, race categories, avoiding common mistakes, plus time for your questions! Pete has been teaching cyclocross to up-and-coming racers for more than 15 years and his seminars are always fun and informative.

What Do You Need: This free event is brought to you by Pete Webber Cycling and Boulder Cycle Sport. This is a B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Chair) event. If you don't bring your own chaie, you'll have to stand or sit on the floor.

For on-the-bike skills, check out Pete’s September 1st Cyclocross 101 Mini-Camp or one of the Boulder Cycle Sport Wednesday night beginner clinics.

Broken Collarbone - Part Deux

It was like any other Crack Wednesday. My boys and I were doing this...

When this sauntered across the road...

Which of course = mayhem at nearly 30 MPH causing me to go airborne and do this...again:

Yup. A heifer sauntered her fat ass in the middle of the road here in Boulder and caused mayhem in our pace line. Honestly, there was nothing I could do. Nearly 30 mph to braking and wheels going everywhere and me clipping one and going airborne. Result: Snappy snappy. Clavicle cracked again but I must say that the old break actually helped and held strong, only cracking around the outside edge of the old calcium 'knot'. It was a violent impact on bad chip-sealed pavement causing lovely meat grinder burns just about everywhere. 

I picked myself up, grunted an f-bomb once (OK, maybe twice), re-mounted the Ridley and rode to the hospital with Michael Robson. I knew I broke it again and was angry for a minute or two. But then it all got...calm. Which leads me to the good stuff....

For some strange reason, I'm not all heady and depressed. Seriously. Maybe it's because I've seen this movie before and know the drill. Sleeping, healing, zinc intake, etc, I know what I need to do to get better. No surgery again this time so that helps too having dodged that bullet again. 

But in truth, it's about why I ride (and yes, sometimes the crashing happens): my friends. It's why I do this. It's why I race. It's why I can not give up and am so excited to get back and ride soon with them. It's why I want my sons to experience sport, whether biking or any other thing they fall in love with. These people that surround me are angels, supporting me in all my goals whether its being fast on a bike or growing a business. And I do the same for them. 

Let me tell a story...and it's a quick one. I have a brother. The end. No...seriously, that's the story. But the reality is having been abandoned by him, I have spent a lifetime pouring myself into my buds because I really just want that relationship I think I was supposed to have when I was a kid. And to this day, the friends I have are more precious to me than...well just about anything. They are family. They are life. They are my true brothers.

Michael, escorting me to the hospital to get cleaned up. The quiet precision of Pete applying Tegaderm on my wounds with such care. But it's not just the care when you're hurt. We all motivate each other in so many we're just trying to do the right things by our wives, children...and us. It's so motivating, and so rewarding, I am indebted to have them in my life. 

Thank you boys. You are more flesh and blood to me as brothers than my own. 

Cyclocross Coaching - The Pete Webber Way

It's safe to say that Pete Webber has a distinct and very clear vision on how training should go: epically. More importantly: unforgettably. Each time you're on the bike, it's an experience, but if you're training on the same stretch of road over and over, you're just not getting enough of them. 

Welcome to Pete Webber coaching. His philosophy: "Life is too short to not ride dirt and see some epic stuff." This past weekend, Pete assembled a crew of folks to get in some specific 'base' prep for the coming cross season. No we didn't don our road bike and ride 'zone 2' for 5 hours. We donned our cross bikes with fat Clement tires and railed single track and some of the sweetest high country logging roads our state has to offer.  

Each mile was epic and yet still had us smiling like little kids. We saw parts of Colorado that are just simply hard to get to...yet breathtaking when you've earned them. The efforts were very shaped along the way..crafted by Webber. Slogs on dirt to get in good endurance, climbing to drop the kilos and insane single track to hone your skills as we all transition from fat tires into the not-so-fat knobby season.

All said and done 50+ miles of radness that I otherwise would never have been able to link together as I'm just not that 'creative'. And that's where Webber's experience comes in....having trained on these roads and trails for 2 decades and knowing each nook and cranny. That and using these hard-to-reach places to keep your mind fresh each time you need to throw your leg over the bike to get in miles to push towards your goals. 

Boulder - It's what we do every day...

Yup. Nice work Za Dubba:


Attention Junior Racers! A Scholarship to Tim Johnson's Camp Awaits!

Hey up-and-coming 'crossers! This is something you do NOT want to pass up. Tim Johnson and Pete Webber are making scholorships available to two junior riders. See details from Pete below...

Cracking the Code: Tim Johnson’s Cyclocross Secrets
Colorado Cyclocross Mini-Camp with Tim Johnson and Pete Webber
Saturday, August 18, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

We are pleased to offer 2 scholarships for one female and one male athlete between 14 and 22 years old. To apply, send an email to petewebbercx at gmail dot com describing how a scholarship to the camp would help you reach your cyclocross goals. Include your name and contact information, age, racing category and racing history. For riders under 18, please include your parent's contact info. Please apply as soon as possible, final deadline for applications is Wednesday, August 8.



Tim Johnson Cyclocross Camp in Colorado!

 It's coming folks. The cross season is on us in a month! Where do you think your skills are when you think about last season? Where was that guy making ground on you each race? How does that gal get back on her bike so smoothly? 

Time to Crack the Code and learn the secrets from two of the most amzing folks in the sport:

Tim Johnson and Pete Webber!

On Saturday August 18th, you'll get to learn from the best and have a boat load of fun while doing it! I'm proud to be a guest coach and will ensure the appropriate amount of huppiness will be experienced with every little tweak we make to your remount, shouldering, cornering and smiling. 

Click here to register!

2013 Ridley X-Fire Disc Technical Questions Answered!


Lots of questions and general excitement for disc brakes this coming season! The Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassadors are completely amped to get our X-Fire discs built up, dialed in and raced. I had a few great questions from a friend, Josh, about the 2013 X-Fire disc, and I sourced some answers from Todd Schmidt of Ridley USA....


What is the weight of the frame/fork of the X-Fire disc?

Todd: The Frame is 1275g and the fork is 460g. The fork has been re-enforced for the demands of disc brakes. 

Can you put 160mm rotors on the rear or does it only fit 140mm?

Todd: We have the rear designed around a 140mm rotor but it may be able to be modified to accomodate a bigger rotor. 

I ride a 56 road bike, am about 5'11", I currently ride a Scott Addict CX (56) with a 110mm stem, what size Ridley should I ride?  54?

Todd: Possibly the 52 or the 54. Please consider the top tube length and the head tube height as well the standover height and your specifics when finding the right size for you.

I see Ridley are running Hayes CX5 brakes, are those as adjustable as the Avid BB7s?  I don't see much in terms of reviews for the Hayes brakes.

Todd: The Hayes brakes are very adjustable, yes. More adjustable. We have found the CX-5 to be a versitile brake both in terms of adjustability and performance and thus have spec'd it on all our disc brake built bikes.

Here Todd talks about the X-Fire disc lineup at Dealer Camp...

Join the 2012 Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Team!

Back in effect! The Boulder Cycle Sport CX team is back again to bring the orange and back to a cross course near you. Clinics, comRADery and F U N are what's in store. Click on the image above to learn more. 

Double HUP!

A new balance

It happened probably a lot sooner than I had ever anticipated. It was the moment when my oldest decided to ride his cross bike...on a mountain bike trail most adults find challenging...with his road tires on. I saw his abilities and his joys and how instinctively he negotiated the trail knowing with precision how to stay light on the bike, not use brakes in the corners and just flow away...away and out of site from mom, dad and little bro. 

This isn't a story to gloat about my son. He's 9. And God knows what this kid wants to do with his life. He's just a little guy. For now it is all about opportunities and experiences and ensuring both my sons' lives are rich with them...whatever they are: sport, travel, religion, family, friends, relationships, joy, pain, etc. But my child I can see is falling in love with what I know as one of the purest forms of joy: Riding. And he is emanating the same emotions in his words that I often struggle to find for

But is it time? Is it time for me to full stop make the switch from wannabe uber racer to an athlete who can balance the goals I still feel in my heart I can achieve and pour myself into my sons forays into the sport to achieve theirs? Is it time? Should racing be a proxy for riding...or riding a proxy to racing? What is the blend and on the meter of selfishness, how do I throttle back and balance more for them?

I'm formulating answers to questions I am still finding about these feelings I'm having and this place in life I am at with my beautiful boys. I want to fly and continue to do so...but not at the expense of not dedicating what I know is required to them. For them. More time to teach the lessons to gain more confidence. To learn more history of why we do what we do. Of the promise of where this sport can take a person. To be more relaxed with it all. 

I'll continue the search for the right balance. But I know what is right. The torch is being passed. And it makes me so proud.  

Ridley 2013 Cyclocross Launch Party!