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Mavic pour le tarmac

Time to un-make the donoughts...the ones that are helping gravity at the moment. 

Skinning your knees

Work put in. Results come out. It's a simple equation applied to virtually, sports, relationships....and of course given my last 2 months of pretty scary body melt-downs: lots of work put into healing. All of this has caused my writing to take a back seat as I continue to get some strength back in my aging corpse...all the while also being pretty much completely consumed with life lately. I'm in this vast stretch of learning...and in learning, falling on my proverbial knees, skinning them into bloody pulps and simply learning by experience how not to do [said wrong thing] again. 

Train and ride hard for years and don't give back? Wham! Skinned knees. Jump head first into a job doing things I've never done before and fumbling about like an imbecile until it becomes instinctive? Wham! Skinned knees. Trying to be a father to sons who are growing mentally and physically at such a ferocious pace these days, I feel like I'm flailing and inadequate. WHAM! Skinned knees. 

"If you know what you're doing, you're not learning."

Here's the period where I am letting go. Not holding on like a stubborn pile of shit who is convinced his way is best. I'm relying on gut....and the theory that most times, less is more...all to be able to learn these new lessons (or at least not combat them...and let the knowledge pour in). 

Don't do the work for the employee - Tell 'em they'll find the answer and to go deeper. 

Don't go ballistic on your sons when they simply outright refuse to get out of bed for school...for the 4th day in a row. - Ask 'em why they are behaving this way. 

Don't try to get back on the bike when your back is yelling at you - Chill...the riding is in the legs all these years. 

I'm not re-inventing by any means. Just listening more. Stretching mind and body so I can sustain. Life.  

A more than subtle reminder | Lessons in idiocy

I have taken, taken more, and taken yet again….way more than my proverbial fill. Consider me a glutton who continually would take from my body’s resources…and never gave back.

And to think the only thing I want out of all of this bike stuff is to pop wheelies and shred with my friends. To be the 50+ year old dad some day railing with my sons in Fruita or God knows where.

The past month I had a wake up call. Extremely scary and all demonstrable of the fact that living in fast forward for almost 20 straight years of riding, training and racing yet never giving back to my body what it needs to continue doing it. What happened? Well, let me explain…and I’m sure many of you will immediately know what I am talking about…

Race. Train. Ride. Race. Rest a bit. Train. Train. Ride. Eat Well. Race. Race. Train. Ride more.

Notice anything here? Lots and lots of on the bike volume. Some rest and thankfully due to my unbelievable wife, supreme nutrition.

But all this time: NO BODY CARE. No stretching, massage, yoga…NOTHING. And all the while my muscles getting stronger…but only in their repetitive planes of motion. Yanking, pulling, melding with one another into singular masses of muscle doing the same repetitions over and over. My regular routine was this…

  • Train my butt off during the week…typically before work hours.
  • Immediately shower and get back into work, slumped over my computer, or trapped in a tortuous seat on some airplane.       
  • Race on weekends
  • Rinse and repeat for, oh ~20 years.

About a year ago, I’d finish a cross and my back would essentially be seized. As in ‘Robotic back.’ No real pain per se, just effectively rigor mortis of the back. Stiff as a board. It’d ‘fade away’ eventually so I never got concerned. I’d had no serious bike fit changes so attributed it to a case of the O.L.D. ™ Michael Robson.

Fast forward. About a month ago, the pain settled in. Truly (like I’ve heard it said before) like a stabbing pain. Right in the “Q-L” (quadratus lumborum) above my hip bone (the iliac crest).  It was immobilizing. No sleep, difficulty walking, sitting, lying, bending over. A cripple.

And yes, like a child I was scared and freaked out that “this is it! I think my racing is done!” (Ha…).

And yes, this is exactly why I married my wife. She did the equivalent of the bitch slap of my small brain saying: “Dude…you need to give back for everything you take. Duh.

Um, what?

And thus began my story of “The Obvious” and all the things I’ve done this past month to get back on track with the help of my wife and good friends here in town.

Here is a list of the things I am incorporating and integrating into my life which I would implore you all to do if you feel cycling is going to be one of those lifer things:

  • Stretching – I do not know about you, but I was brittle. As in could not touch my toes. I began to slowly and steadily begin a DAILY stretching routine. 
    • 20min in the AM (first thing, before breakfast). Hamstrings, IT, QL, Glutes, Psoas and back. In addition getting my thoracic area to open (e.g. to work on preventing back rounding and better breathing)
    • 40min in the evening (same pattern but integrated in strectch bands...e.g. HUGE rubber bands to help pull my legs farther)
  • Massage - OK, I admit it's a blessing having my wife be a massage therapist...but even I have to beg to get time on her table! 
    • Trigger release essentially fire the most problematic muscles literally 'releasing' them when they get into their defensive postures to protect the body when it's reacting to muscle issues. 
  • Back Stregthening via Foundation Roots - I am on my 2nd full week of this but it is rather mind blowing. See here for info. Get yourself to a class. DO NOT fool yourself that you can watch the YouTube videos and just do it. You really need to be assisted before you go on your own so you do not wreak havoc on your back muscles. CRITICAL for lower back strength. Especially for 'cross when your back is going UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN for 60 minutes violently. 
  • Core Stregnthening – I am not a fat guy, but not a ripped 6 pack-core guy either. It all comes down to what’s under the surface not only of your stomach, but also of the back (see Foundation Roots above). But for core, I am doing a ton of strengthening to breath better and to generally support my body for longer periods under duress (think: a cross race). 
  • Physical Therapy - This was SO instrumental for my recovery. I visited my good friend, amazing PT and fellow 'crosser Charlie Merrill as he is the 'guru'. I was crippled and his treatment of physical therapy was amazing. I am working on plans with Charlie for 'maintenence' as well. The core of his work was:
    • PT via deep manipulation of my muscles via slow and methodic pulling and stretching. 
    • Dry Needle Therapy- 6cm acupuncture needles deep within the muscles to literally/directly trigger and release them. It was the spark to get them to release deeply along with my wife's trigger release massage (deep...but not as deep as the needles can go). 

So what does all this mean: More work. I need to put back in the till what I take out. It means that I need to tack on and carve out times of day where I need to focus on this. More balance needed so I can ensure my family and work needs are met, but allowing time for these critical things I need to do to keep rolling. And that means what you see above is now a forever part of my life. Many of you will read this and undoubtedly say: No shit, dumbass. But what can I say? I'm a full-gas guy and thus am paying for my sins blazing in fast forward all these years. But alas, I see the magic to this type of body maintenance and the benefits are already surfacing. 

Hope it helps you in "planning for prevention!"

The space between

I'm passing from one side to the next. Crossing the gap. Pushing yet again to make it all right. Life, my mental state, my passions. A gear higher to cross the space between losing control and gaining it back. 

My writing as taken a back seat. Many things have in fact. But it must be this way while the good efforts are put in to learn more about myself. 

This time I am in control of the teeter totter, sons. And it's OK.

Remember that. 


Well, Stoepidly jealous not being on this ride, quite honestly. 


StoepidWeek, volume 1 from Stoemper on Vimeo.

Pete Webber on his ‘Ride on Washington’

Hi Friends,

Pete here. Hope you are well!

Next month I am participating in "Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington" and I'm asking my friends to donate to the project. It is a 500-mile bike ride from Boston to Washington (ouch!) and the goal is to raise $100,000 for the Bikes Belong Foundation, the group that works to make biking safer and better in the U.S.

The money we raise will leverage government funding for bike paths, bike lanes, and bike programs. The ride will finish in D.C. at the National Bike Summit, where cyclists nationwide will gather to rally Congress on bicycling issues.

If you would like to make a donation, please go to my fundraising page here: Any size donation would be wonderful, it's tax deductible!

My personal goal is to raise $2,500. Every $50 you donate gives you one entry in our fundraiser raffle, which includes awesome prizes!

Here's the project's website:
And please forward this to any of your friends who ride bikes or care about the future of cycling in the U.S.!

My sincere thanks,


The Ridley 2012 X-Fire Disc | Frame Details

More data for you Ridley fans planning your bike building extravaganzas this coming season. Ridley was kind enough to send me some detailed shots of the various products for this coming model year. I focused on the ones related to the disc brake frames to provide some further intel and perhaps give you a leg up when planning for this coming season if Ridley/discs are in your sights.


The X-Fire Disc sporting Shimano


Close up of the rear assembly including IS mount disc tabs and Di2 port


Note the post-mount standard tabs for the front fork.


The boss-less chain stays.


PF30 BB with Di2 battery mount and port for front derailleur.



Note the Ridley X-Ride Disc utilizes the post-mount standard.

More 2013 Ridley X-Fire and Cyclocross Goodness

A treasure trove of info is streaming in from the Great White North from QBP’s Frost Bike on all the soon-to-be-released Ridley cyclocross products for this coming season. My main man Todd Schmidt of Ridley USA walks us through the 2013 product line in this little ditty.


Also in from Frost Bike are other awesome datapoints for all of you hungry for data on the new disc-brake compatible frames.

2013 Ridley X-Fire Disc-only

Complete Bike MSRP – $3,395 (Ultegra equipped)

Frame Only MSRP – $1,695


2013 X-Fire Disc


-Di2 Compatible-Disc only, 135 spacing

-24-ton high-modulus carbon monocoque frame

-PF30 full carbon bottom bracket shell -Internal cable routing with continuous cable housing

-4ZA Oryx full carbon monocoque fork

-1.5” tapered headtube.

-7sizes from 41-58cm

-Proportionally sized downtube for easy grip


2013 Ridley X-Fire Apex Disc

Complete Bike MSRP – $2,695

2013 X-Fire Apex Disc

The Apex is a price point bike who’s general frame highlights spec is very similar to above. More details coming on the Apex group/brake options. 







2013 Ridley X-Ride Apex Disc

Complete Bike $2,195

Frame Only MSRP – &995 (does come in canti-only frame as well for $895)

2013 X-Ride Disc


-Disc brake frame: 135 spacing

-1.5” oversized lower headtube bearing and fork crown

-4ZA Oryx full carbon fork

For those of you hungry to start thinking about your geometry for next season on these steeds above, here are the charts:





And for the pièce de résistance…the 2013 bikes get the custom Belgium Prologo saddle treatment. Bam!

ridley prologo

First Look! 2012 / 2013 Ridley X-Fire Disc!

So my spy, otherwise known as Dubba, has been feeding me these incredible pics all morning to share with you from their visit to the Ridely folks in the great white north of Minnesota. More reports soon but have a look at this INCREDIBLE collection of Ridley X-Fire, X-Ride and X-Night all in their new color schemes. We are honored that the new X-Fire Disc will be in Boulder Cycle Sport Colors for 2013!

And please note the Clement Tire spec goodness. Mmmm.



The 2012 / 2013 X-Fire Disc:

A look at the disc brake boss assembly...

The front fork goodness...

In her glory pose...

The 2012 / 2013 X-Fire with traditional cantilever brakes...

Yes...Electric should you want to be like Sven...

The BEAUTIFUL 2012 / 2013 X-Ride Disc! Incredible price popint race bike with DISCS!

The flagship X-Night, more racy than ever...

Giving it a go..


So my wife and I are going for it. Three weeks of “za program.” All to try and hit that re-set button our bodies pretty much needed 10 years ago. Three weeks of complete diet change and at its core, flowing back into some discipline.

Our main tool is a juicer, Everything goes in…all the richest superfoods you can conjure up juiced into cocktails that are absolutely delicious. Kale, carrots, almond milk, coconut water, whole apples…the list of foods you can ingest is awesome. The downside is that you have to shelve the good stuff for some time…sugars, coffee, adult beverages, processed anything, wheat. But that’s the discipline I mentioned. I’ve got to get into that mental cadence again and this path thus far has been great to re-fire those neurons.

I’m off the bike mostly these days following the cross season, save for roller sessions and an occasional spin outside. I’m back in love with the running though. It feels super flowy and natural railing the trails around here. I’m trying to get out a few times a week. Some days hard-ish, other days soft-ish. I picked up a pair of syncroFuel Trail’s from Pearl Izumi. I swear to you they’re like the Clement PDX or Dugast Rhino of the running world. BOMBING down snowy descents with nary a forward slip. I’m really impressed as I’d never had trail runners that performed quite like these before.


So go these gray days of winter as I gear down, focus on some new things and clear out the badness in me that’s been building a home in my gullet. Time to wipe it clean.

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