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Entries from January 1, 2009 - January 31, 2009


The WK's are underway and the Belgians are PISSED thus far after the Juniors and U-23's no-showing on either podium. But, at least they look PRO. Note Bosman's tall-boy sock customization. At-a-boy, Bos! There's going to be HELL to pay if there's not the light blue tricolor on the podium tomorrow.

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Valmont Park Site Review Drawings

The complete collection of plans and drawings for Valmont Park is now available online . These are medium-level design documents that show the general layout and design intent to comply with the City's site review process. There are many pages of technical documents detailing every aspect of the site, from the landscaping to the buildings to the bike stuff. Once approved by the Planning Department, the design will become much more detailed before construction begins later in 2009. Check out the progress!


Take a computerized pre-ride of Hoogerheide

Note this may take a while to load!

Universal Sports Covering Cross Worlds Live!

Here it is folks! Confirmation! Universal Sports is definitively covering our beloved World Championships in Hoogerheide this weekend. SWEET!

UniversalSportsLogoFrom their representative:

Schedule with Video Links ( the video links will come up as soon as they are available the day of the event):

Cycling Channel Page:

Late update! This just in from Brooke Watts who spoke with Universal Reps. I was NOT away this would not be live!

"Unfortunately we can only say the event is VOD (video on demand). It
depends on how long it takes them to send the feed over to us as soon
as the event ends, so we can't say a specific time that it will happen. But it
should come up a couple hours after the event so still in the morning

But sorry we can't be more specific with the time, if we had it live we
would definitely be able to give out a time. The best link to use is
this one. "

Pics from the VBP Party at Boulder Cycle Sport!!

What an incredible night! I was running around like a crazy man with my camera shooting the vast amount of folks who came to support the Valmont Bike Park Project and opened their wallets judiciously to take DSC_0144advantage of the MASSIVE offer Bikes Belong has offered: To match dollar for dollar for every donation made through February 6th!

I would say that the night was a HUGE success with such a great collection of generous souls who showed so much excitement for what is going to be an UNBELIEVABLE model park.

Thanks to all who came and donated to the park!

Come see the pictures here!

Master's Worlds Photos - 1970 - '74

Grabbed from MTB Kalender, an extremely popular results and race calendar site used in the Netherlands and Belgium. We used this when there quite a bit last year and have been taking pictures for a long time at Mol/Masters including last years race.

Looks like the modified the course slightly this year.

Bikes Belong matching $1 for $1 for the VBP!

Local CO folks, PLEASE check this out!

Bikes Belong Kicks Off $10K Matching Funds Campaign

Dollar-for-dollar matching through February 6th

Bikes Belong is the national coalition of bike-industry retailers and suppliers working together to put more people on bicycles more often. Through grassroots grants, national partnerships, lobbying, and promotion, Bikes Belong works to make bicycling in the U.S. safe, convenient, and fun for riders of all ages and abilities.

Bikes Belong logo

Headquartered here in bike-friendly Boulder, Bikes Belong is pleased to support the Valmont Bike Park through a Matching Funds Drive scheduled for January 21 through February 6th, 2009. For all individual and business donations collected during this time from our community, Bikes Belong will contribute up to $10,000 in matching funds. Please take this opportunity to donate to your local bike park or help share the story by encouraging friends to contribute. "Valmont Bike Park will make Boulder an even better place to be a bicyclist, and we're thrilled to have this world-class facility in our own backyard," said Tim Blumenthal, Executive Director of Bikes Belong.

Contribute today, and double your investment in the future of bicycling in Boulder!

Visit to DONATE NOW and have your funds matched, and please join us at the kickoff party on January 27th at Boulder Cycle Sport.

Visit to Boulder Indoor Cycling (updated)

I had the opportunity to see my Rocky Mounts- Izze homies as they occupied the track for the evening at Boulder Indoor Cycling. I'd never seen it before. Verdict: Sick. It's a hell of a good time.

Check out this helmet cam video created by Ryan Hughes. It is SWEET! It'll give you a sense of how fast this track is.

Boulder Indoor Cycling Velodrome by Ryan Hughes from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

Everyone there had this air of childish nervousness that was awesome. People were STOKED on what was absolutely new to them having never been on fixies or wood before. Check out the pictures by clicking on the image below....

Dream course

Did you catch the World Cup on Sporza? Ho-le-maz-kino-lee. That was a S-I-C-K course! The Italians know their 'cross! What a race....

Now I'm REALLY weepy

My friend Mark French is over in Belgie-land on business but the true inner-'crosser motivated him to cruise down to Za Beach in Mol to see the Master's World Cyclocross Championships today. He snapped a few pics and it's clear they changed up the course this year, almost as if they ran it backwards! I need to talk with some of the homies who went over there for a report. Anyways, as it comes to pass, our 'master's master' Edwin Raats DID win today. Congrats man! This is a pic Mark nabbed coming through possibly the worlds LOWEST set of barriers I've ever seen. I mean, we're Masters UCI people, but c'mon! We can get the legs a little higher! We're not THAT old! Ha!

Apparently the Italian, Massimo Folcarelli, was bringing the heat and was off the front but Edwin was able to nab him and put a massive gap he held through to the end. Sweet.

Henry Kramer still impresses with a top 10, taking 7th. He WILL get those stripes. I know this.

I can not tell you how weepy I am not being there. The one taste I had is never going to leave me. Ever. I hope I can hold this momentum like I did in 2007 to get there. One whole year of thought on it. And it was an awesome, awesome pay off.