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Entries from March 1, 2010 - March 31, 2010

And so a new chapter begins | BlipSnips!

I owe you, my readers WAY MORE these days, but alas, I haven't been able to. Why? Pouring myself, my family, my soul and all my energies into my new company, My good friend Tim Johnson himself created what I think is a phenomenal example of a BlipSnipped video. Have a look and feel the experience for yourself.

So inspired...I will start writing again! As soon as I start RIDING again. HUP!

Yup, Dugast is pimping us non-PROs with the Diablo!

image My main man Matt Pacocha gave me some hints that I’d be REALLY happy and low and behold, homie was RIGHT!

While the UCI shit-canned their use in competition at UCI sanctioned races, nothing is precluding us wanna be Sven’s from using them at our ACA or Cross Crusade races…that is until one of us catches a Diablo in the heiney sprinting it out for a box of Gu’s.

They’re $225 each (that’s $450 bones for the math challenged for a pair) and must be special ordered.

Read the whole article Matt wrote here including his on-bike test with featuring a video of Matt versus our home boy, former slipstream seigneur and Subaru Rally whore, Jonny Coln as the drag race cooter style across 27” thick ice.


2011 Ridley Cyclocross Bikes at Boulder Cycle Sport!

Boulder Cycle Sport was honored to be one of the first shops (if not THE first shop) in the US to get a sneak peek at the 2011 Ridley Cyclocross bikes we'll be rocking with this upcoming season. Our friends from QBP including good friend Steve Bobusch made the trek down from Minneapolis (ironically bring US great weather from the mid west) to allow the Boulder Cycle Sport and Blue Sky Racing Team s/b BCS 'cross team and a slew of cross geek friends to review some great Belgian products: Ridley bikes and Lazer Helmets. 

World Champ Štybar's (say: Shteebar) incredible 2011 X-Night complete with SRAM Red grouppo and new Avid brakes.

Steve "Sev-ee" Bobusch of QBP showing off the new and incredibly light Lazer Genesis and Helium products.

It would be Belgium without some Belgian Bubbles. Dubba showing some of the night's booty.

Dan Farrell checking out the simplicity of the Lazer's ratcheting system. It truly was SUPER easy to find and spin the dial to adjust the helmet.

The new 'price point' Ridley X-Ride. Sub $2K aluminum goodness.

National AND Colorado State Champion...oh AND terror to European Master's crossers...Pete Webber scoping out, ahem, one of my X-Nights, freshly dragged out of the cellar for the event and to help folks with sizing. Pete will be rocking the Ridley's this season. Hup!

We are indebted to the support Ridley and QBP provide the Boulder Cycle Sport 'cross team. Obviously we can vouch for the quality of the product and hope you check 'em out at your local dealer. Double hup!

See the full slideshow and all the antics here...

Chicago Cyclocross is alive and well…

So much so that they are going old school and putting up building side billboards. Twitter? Blogs? Meh…

Seven months until we hear the cowbells and line the tape like these folks. Thanks Ben Raby for sending the pic on...


Ridley Night at Boulder Cycle Sport! | This Thursday!


Hmm, let’s count how many months until ‘cross folks. C’mon, do it with me:

March, April, May, (You’re getting in the long rides on the MTB)

June and July (You’re doing some road and MTB races, maybe a short track here and there. You’re starting to think ‘cross)

August (You now can taste it. You’ve already dusted off your old cross steed and it just feels…great. The season is almost here).

September! (You’re RACING!)

SEVEN MONTHS, YO! Seven short months…

Now imagine you are training come mid summer or sooner on your new Carbon Ridley cross machine. Boing! So here’s a teaser…


Seven short months folks! So…

Join us Thursday evening at Boulder Cycle Sport from 5:30 - 7:30pm for a sneak peek at the new 2011 Ridley cyclocross bikes! Thanks to you and your support of cyclocross, Boulder Cycle Sport is one of the top Ridley cyclocross shops in the world. We are honored to be chosen as one of several select dealers to preview the new 2011 line-up.




I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe an apology? My silence and lack of posting as of late isn’t due to imagesitting on the couch eating Bon Bons. I still eat and sleep our beautiful sport, but my focus has been  elsewhere…It’s been about massive personal growth and a whirlwind of change that I felt coming. Needed to come. Has come.

Last summer, I engaged with a company I was enamored with. Absolutely honored to have been selected to run the products team for and have a seat around the table as a member of the exec team. A collection of passionate souls, many of whom ‘cross (it is Boulder you know….) and I generally love hanging with.

And yet even in that excitement, my mind wandered. It wandered to places where I daydreamed about putting my own two hands on the control stick directly. Yawing my life in the direction I needed it to go looking directly out the canopy with my own eyes. Learning to fly through clouds purely on instruments.

I had to grow.

I am motivated everyday by my wife and children. I see them rush to things be it skiing, snowboarding, skating, etc. I’ve seen them rush to learn so many new things this wintery season we’re experiencing and they just jump in with both feet. No fear. My youth was stable and wonderful and safe. No chances. Maybe that is the ‘secret’ yet my heart wants me to keep pushing to where it simply needs to be. It’s always been that way. Never remaining static and simply smiling through for the external world to see that I’m ‘happy.’ Been there and done that. I want my sons to see me less as a risk taker, and more as someone who fundamentally follows his heart. It is that important to me for them to see this.

And so, with all of these inspiring souls around me, I am grabbing the control stick with a great friend for the first time and build a real company. Going to take some chances at this incredible time of my life and that of my family's. So start shooting more video, race fans!