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I'm coming out to play

Breck. I'm gonna open up the account up at elevation. Totally different year. Totally different plans. Totally different prep.

...Open/Pro races? Maybe. If I feel like it.
...35 Open Races? Maybe. If I feel like it.

Opportunism and smiles. Ride for glory. Not points. Get back to why I cross. This is the season and those are the reasons.

The changing leaves are getting me happy. The fam will be bringing their cowbells. With each ring, a distance from the pain we felt this summer will diminish. With each cheer of my boys, a celebration that we are still alive will increase. With each lap, I'll remember why I do this. With each heartbeat, I will remember that I'm trying to do the right things while here.

Game on.

You're Invited! Corey wants you to drink beer.

Yes, indeed cross fans! You, yes YOU have been invited by my main man Corey C to his casa for a beer an BBQ party....after you of course have popped your 2008 'cross cherry by racing the Colorado Springs race this Saturday. His invitation to you follows!

Post Race BBQ!

Saturday, September 13th (After Pikes Peak Supercross #1)

Where's the party: 1304 E. St Vrain, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 or click Here!

GREG K NOTE: it is ALWAYS great to see a truck outside your house being loaded with a Beer Cooler on Google Maps Street View. Party attendees are sure to enjoy!

Come and get your beer and 'Q on and talk cross with your compadres!

Come on over after the race and ruin some of that hard work and training you’ve put into this year’s cyclocross season the good old fashioned way with some beer, brats, and burgers.

Starts after the race, finishes when everyone is gone.

Mmm. Protein.


I'm in.
Thanks CG. It will be...blogged.

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