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New ACA Policies Instituted for Warm Ups, Large Fields & More

The ACA has responded to the needs of our sport as we continue to grow in size every weekend. Jon Tarkington, the ACA's Executive Director distributed this memo this morning on the ACA website as well as va their email distribution channel. I've replicated it here as well as the changes are being instituted as early as this weekends racing:

ACA Cyclocross Rules Updates 10.28

'Cross is no longer a "winter training sport"

Especially not out here in CO. Feast on this:
Three spring ACA-sanctioned races: March 15th, 16th and April 5th.

Visit Cult Cross for more info.

Some "odd" scoring at Boulder/Interlocken on Saturday

So, investigating the 35 Open results from Saturday, there are some obvious scoring errors going on. Yvonne from the ACA is looking into it but due to the huge fields, dudes who got lapped (including one of my team mates!) got lumped into the top 20. So three places will likely get relegated. Am I being an anal retentive beeatch? Ha! I guess so. You can call me a chump the next time you see me.

Nice pic from Ward's 'A' bike yesterday after the Open race in Evergreen. Epic say he and Boups:

Game on

The ACA's schedule has been up but I printed this mo fo out and tacked 'er up on the wall. Motivation. On the bars, more motivation. So many races put on by so many good people in this area. 'Crossers to the core. Ken B: comin' to Gunni, man. Apparently I can not race ANY UCI's in the "Elite" fields if I plan on participating in Masters Worlds. I'm confirming that with USA Cycling but WTF?? How else are we going to beat those Belgies?

SF this week so running of the sea level kind. Lots of work to be done so the stress management will be key. I'll wanna suck down beer to numb the mind but now' snot the time. Monk-style for the time being. The other folks on the team thin k I'm a freak.

Weekend? Timmy is Jedi mind tricking me into the Eldora Escape on the 1 x 1. Dunno. We'll see how the mind and family is when I get back.

Proposed ACA Legislation for CX Season BCR Call Ups

I began some dialog with the ACA on the subject of the Best All Around Cyclocross Rider or "BCR". Basically, in a very abstract fashion it boils down to this (and I am absolutely soliciting feedback here local ACA riders!).

Call ups are a common practice for race series’ around the US namely CCCX, Pilarcitos and their sister race series’ on the West Coast in Portland and Seattle. What would be required in general is this:

a) The first race of the BCR series is raced. No call ups on this date as there have been no points awarded. We could consider taking last year's Top 10 and line them up but this is negotiable.

b) At the 2nd BCR race, and all subsequent BCR races of the series, the Top 10 series leaders will be announced by the appointed race official before each BCR-enabled category.

c) Per b) above, this will require that each official and/or race promoter will have either the list prepared and distributed to them by ACA weekly or as part of their acceptance of taking on a BCR race, the promoter will manually do this in advance for all categories to prepare for the upcoming race. (this needs to be socialized with the race promoters signed up for BCR)

d) With respect to ‘game day’ rules, only the Top 10 will be allowed to represent the front line when called up on race day. In other words, if 3 of the Top 10 are not present on race day, only the 7 present BCR leaders will be allowed to formulate the front row of the race. The ACA official or race promoter will not be responsible to go past the Top 10 (This is debatable. Some series do allow for this to fill out the top 10 with ‘next on the list….although this becomes a management problem.)

e) BCT (team) has no concept here and will remain the same…e.g. as an aggregate points collection collected by ACA and will not be factored into the call up).

So with this initial stub of an idea known, would you want to see this implemented? Vote:

Would you like to see the American Cycling Association institute a Top 10 Rider Call-Up system for each race of the BCR?
Could give a sheet. free polls

ACA Announcement on CX State Champs


  • There will be no warm ups allowed on the course on Saturday.
  • Also riders will be called up so please cooperate during staging.
  • Thanks Tim Madden, Chief Referee
Call ups! Nice!