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Keep up with Jon Baker here...

...on grandma's blog. Nice to see the family support!

Geoff Proctor's Cross Camp Site!

Check it out! My Google Crawler picked up the site for Geoff Proctor's Euro Cross Camp...made famous in the Transitions movies which by now, nearly any one of you fellow cross geeks own (and I am sure you own parts I and II). I saw the Camp's site linked to me which is super cool! I've done the same so you can always come here to link through to their site and read the blog entries and more.

Check out the latest blog entry where Geoff interviews Sven the Cannibal Nijs about the risks of running his Rhinos too high or too low when battling it out with the likes of Bart Wellens. Cool read.

The Last Lap

Brooke's got it right in this post. What the flock is it about our sport?

I'd make this blog a pit stop of your morning distractions over coffee. Great stuff. I can appreciate given the balance Brooke goes through. Something I can appreciate.

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