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Blue Sky Velo's Cross at Xilinx - This Saturday!

Core. These guys are core! They love the 'cross like [insert bad analogy here of a drunk loving his drink or other somesuch bad analogy].

Needless to say, the BSV homies love their hup and have poured their significant resources into a race of full huptitude. Get all these SICK amenities:

  • -FREE Brats on the grill (donations will be accepted however, and ALL proceeds will go to Valmont Bike Park)
  • -Solid prize list
  • -Dale's Pale Ale "bunnyhop the barriers" contest
  • -PRO neutral support in the double-sided pit courtesy of Mavic SSC
  • -Dave Towle announcing the action from the "Tower of Towle" stage
  • -various raffle/giveaways from our sponsors in the expo area.

This is going to be SUPER fun.

Click on the image below for all the registration info you need! Pre-reg by the way is CHEAPER and FASTER!