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First Annual 'Cross Fondo! | Goodbye '09 Cross season, hello to '10!

What a rad day! On a whim I tweeted about putting together a little 'cross ride through the snow and low and behold I think we had 40 some odd folks! What a GREAT day of spinning through great snowy trails, recounting 'cross stories and hearing the excitement for 2010's cross season...8 months away!!

We rolled a classic course from Amante, an obligatory and honorary roll through Elks and on through fantastic snowy trails through Gunbarrell and back on into Boulder. Lots of pit stops, lots of laughs and no one gets dropped attitude.


To give you an idea of the nonsense and shanannegans, behold Boup's new GoPro cam...

Boulder 'Cross Fondo Part 1 from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

A propor Fondo must conclude with a beer (or 10) so we all cruised over to Casa de Keller for some apres' ride delights. Once well lubricated we all participated in watching Brian Patrick's videos of CO States to observe Ward's snotcicle and Spencer's awesome superman crash...

All in all a GREAT time and so happy we could all hang and flow through the woods for a couple of hours.

Until next year!! HUP HUP!!


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