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Flanders Indoor 'Cross Part Deux

Shittily translated by yours truly from CycloCross.Info

"The Second Flanders Indoor Cyclo Cross has moved to Hasselt after a successful first edition in the Malines Nekkerhal. The 2nd Flanders Indoor Cyclo Cross in on Thursday 31 January 2008, but will move to the Ethias sand in Hasselt, and will remain there the next 3 years per the organizing crew Promocycling negotiated. The concept started last yere where the racers do two 20 minute heats will remain."

I spoke briefly to Chris G about this and we have all it takes to do it here in the Denver Boulder area. There is an NBL league that does this already and we could get some RAD things going on here I am sure. 20 minute heats would be sweet as would a Le Mans start. True story: One year at a DFL, they did the Le Mans start thing. I won the running hole shot but ALL the bikes were laid out in front of us. I did a flying leap over what seemed like two bikes only to land square on some dudes wheel. Sorry dude. Yeah it was a training race but it's urban jungle cross man.

I think this would be a marvel concept to add in some barriers etc in a tight format. Advantage to the skilled guys who have had some gate crashing experience (moi). I'll have to do me some thinkin' on this.

Pics by the Ik Sven

FM Boyaux Tubulars

Molly C also has the bead on these toobies Brandon D has talked up and I posted on previously. One of these days I'll learn the story here but I hear it is some former Dugast dudes. Could be totally wrong here. I'm liking the tread pattern here which is totally Rhino like.

Today's training was nuts. Lots of elevation and attacking...uphill. Got a 1409 watts on the meter today after sprinting a bit with Taro and John in the Canyon. Fun. Wonder what the output will be when I really sprint. Power is interesting. Going to sharpen it and learn more. Already learned TONS.

Tomorrow, more pain and suffering slogging the carcass up the big passes. Looking forward to speed in the coming months.

Ideas are a-brewin: Mud and Cowbells and Junior 'Cross development

I have never been deeply philanthropic. I mean, I do really enjoy helping people, does emanate from me, but I want to push things a bit deeper. Maybe I am getting older...

So, working with some homies here in the Reepoobleek, I decided to look at doing some fun and interesting things to do what I can to help with kids who wouldn't normally get the chance to mix it up Euro-style...or even go to some of the great 'cross or cycling camps we have around the country hosted by the hard working folks in each region.

So as I formulate this idea, I have a question for you my 'cross brethren and sisteren, would you buy a friggin shirt for 20 bucks? I seriously do not want to make dime numero uno on this but woudl be an UNBELIEVABLE rush to forward cash to a kid or a group (e.g. the Mud skippers) to enable more opportunities for this beautiful sport of ours to grow. The clinics I run to old guys like me are so fun...imagine more time like that spent with like 12 year olds who normally would NEVER get the chance to experience it.

Anyways, I am running with some non-profit ideas like this and am having some fun. I LOVE the NBA logo and had the idea twisted a bit by my boy Ted and his brilliant crew at Anthem. I had them odify this American style sports logo to suit our 'cross needs like you see below for the fund raising t-shirt:

Any uber-geek who can tell me who's silhouette is being used here gets a free shirt...and an award that officially puts you in a higher level of geekdom than me.

So, would ya buy one to support this little idea? Let me know! Vote!

In a quest to get more American kids onto podiums in 'cross, Would you buy a lousy t-shirt?
Yes of course. I'm sick of the Belgian's sweeping.
No, I'm a cheap, individualtistic, bastage. free polls

More details later but I dream of putting a little Page on the top step some day. We'll see where this goes....

ACA Announcement on CX State Champs


  • There will be no warm ups allowed on the course on Saturday.
  • Also riders will be called up so please cooperate during staging.
  • Thanks Tim Madden, Chief Referee
Call ups! Nice!

I blew it....

Could not hold out to CX States. Had to pop the top on this after today's debacle to drown my sorrows. The pain was wiped clear. God Bless you Boulder Beer:

Waiting with baited breath...

OK, it's late in the season I realize, but my new custom frame Paul is building is done! I've been riding and racing (and testing!) Rock Lobsters in various connotations for years and I can not believe how beautiful these frames feel. For this season I order from Paul who still has my measurements a new Scandium beauty to have identical dimensional steeds with the same parts groups, gearing etc. First time I have ever been 'blessed' with this in my cross life. Together, the wonder twins looked like this when they were a happy family:

Once I dialed it with some FSA bling, the Scandium one, my primary looks like this:

So the old blue frame I cherished, raced on the West Coast, won Surf City races on etc etc met a horrible death: The low hanging garage at Vail Ski resort (which has seen a zillion bike collisions apparently). Brand new mini van, 4 brand new Rocky Mounts lariats and a Rock Lobster, Dean and Santa Cruz on top. Kids going OFF in teh back seat after a 2 hours in the car hingry for food. "Look! A parking garage!" I bang the left and errrrrrrrrr (metal scraping noise...). Done. The effect:

Anyhoo, the new one Paul worked his ass off on while finishing other frame jobs...oh and TAKING A 9TH PLACE AT THE USGP's in his age group! (SICK!!) he somehow found time to jam out my frame for me. A photo negative image of my black one...whote frame with black stickers. Boing! Thanks Paul!

Snow-clo Cross

Well, we'll be CX-ing in snow fo shoa this weekend. I remember when I first moved here from CA in 04 doing a race at Xilinx in a blizzard and thnking "holy crap, this is what it's like CX-ing in CO. Oh, and I can;t breath at this altitude...". Here's what it looked like then:

Colder than a witches...

Cold today! Jerome and I rode Betasso. Me on the Mooooooots and he on his CX bike. Nice work on the technical stuff Jayrome. I still felt the G-Men race on Sunday and I am still pissed about the start! Ruined a Mavic Ceramic and Tufo. Beeatch! Two more races to go to try and stay in the BCR top 10 even with an absolute crap ending to the season with mechanicals, sickness...blah blah blah.

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