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Lion of Fairfax in Boulder

Thanks Brian and Speed Buggy for the T!! I wanna come in race this next year!
The race looked super fun man!

Well I'm stuck between the green grass....

....and forty million miles from the sun. Or so the song goes. Perfect and ironic that it came on this AM on my shuffle as I continue putting in the work in the early morning air. Yesterday was still felt in my legs but the air was crisp and the determination was there. Beautiful. I threw the leg over the bike, hit play and rolled. The ride tore upon the healing muscles that helped me at least take back 11 places as I watched the race roll away. It was needed.

At the top of Lee Hill the song came on and the lyrics spoke to me. Again smiles. Did it fall apart before it all began? Easy to let the mind pour gasoline on itself and commit suicide. Rolling in the garage, my son heard the door rumble open. He comes flying out with a pair of ridiculously old lenses.

"Did you not crash and win daddy?! Can we ride now!?"

What can I do? I'm the luckiest man on earth. Just stuck between the green grass and forty million miles from the sun.

I can not wait

The weather has dipped into the 50's and 60's and its blustery. It's welcoming us to the season. I am so amped I can't sleep well any more. The work has been put in and my family has supported me so much. I haven't smiled this much in a year. I'm ready to have fun and see what this aging body can do. I've listened.

Building a cross bike for junior...

Daaaaamn, this guy is starting 'em young. He converted this:

to this:

See the project HERE.

The Lion of Fairfax Returns!

My main honky Brian ~Double B from Bakersfield ~ Bruckner, owner and proprietor of the notorious Big Swingin' Cycles shop in San Francisco is hosting the second annual Lion of Fairfax 'cross race in Fairfax CA. You can see some rad photos on my old friends Russ and Nancy Wright's AbbiOrca site here.

I wish I could get out there for this as it was a hellofalot of fun last year I heard. Most folks from the Bay Area will have already heard and registered for the race, but for my peeps out here in CO, I'd HIGHLY recommend swingin' by Big Swingin' in San Francisco. You'll quickly find that B, Chris and the whole staff are very core. Just remember that when you visit and want to cross it up with the fellas, you may want to pack a dress.

Good luck B!!!!

Keeping it smooth

Two more big days before the rest comes...only to be followed by the storm which is brewing and will carry on through December. Then rest again. Then Belgium.

The secret society of 'cross freaks got out early yesterday AM to flog each other silly. The moment I opened my eyes, still lying in bed, I said: "I think I need rest." Going out and flogging sort of made that premonition come true in that I mostly played the role of floggee versus flogger. Can't be out front every day I'm learning.

Today was more of the same flogging...although this time self inflicted up Flag for a couple-a tests up, up and up to see where I'm at (and where I've been). A FRESHLY paved Flagstaff as well. So niiiiiiiii. When I woke up today and opened my eyes, the first thoughts were: "I'm going to rail it." After that extreme effort yesterday, I nailed a personal best and a 2nd not-so-bad ascent up that beeatch. The recovery was decent I guess last night. There's nothing that some organic food made by my lady and a 1554 can't solve to aid the sore legs.

So, I'm here. 100's of early AM hours logged, 11 pounds lost since last year, weaknesses worked on. I've learned lots. Lots of balancing. Who knows what the season will bring but I put the work in. The smiles are abound.

Speaking of smiles, today after the self flogging, I jammed down the Creek path to the Research Center to hook up with the fam for some mini-jumpin' with the little Irishmen. Check it.

The Last Lap

Brooke's got it right in this post. What the flock is it about our sport?

I'd make this blog a pit stop of your morning distractions over coffee. Great stuff. I can appreciate given the balance Brooke goes through. Something I can appreciate.

Watch out Bay Area...

...Joe B is comin' on home. After a small 'detour' to the Pac NW, The Joe B family is heading on back to the Bay Area. Sweet. The family is re-assembling. Joe and I crossed the snot out of the Bay Area during some of the best times of our lives. New wives, new friends, new babies. Epic. Some of the first sounds our infants heard were cowbells. We did it all together with Brian, Robbie, Bob Jones University....ah good times.

Anhoo, Jo-sef, welcome home brother and I'll be crashing on your couch on my virtually weekly trips back to SF.

Can I stash a cross bike at your house?

I'm not joking....

I wake up every mornng and dream I won it

So says Georgie in this new documentary. I love that. Ken B used to have a saying on his site: If you write it down and hang it up, it will come true. I follow that rule, albeit electronically, since I saw that on his site year ago. Inspires me for Mol.

While I am psyched to see this DVD and even more pumped for Georgie to somehow keep the rubber side down and finally win this thing, the DVD is seemingly filmed in a very special place to my wife and I, Santa Ynez CA. We were married there in the Mission. Lots of this footage is on roads I know well and it'll me cool to reminisce on it while watching.

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