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We love Ree-chard!

So, Richard Groovy Groenendaal has had a busy month. His lady gave birth to their second baby, has announced his new team and lastly indicated he'll be working with a frame builder on some projects.

More importantly, our man indicated that his priorities are racing at the SP's, GVA's but more importantly the WK's. Further, he called out the rising scope of American 'cross and that the Euro's must come and hit teh WK here.

On CycloCross Info he says:

Now I can drive my own program. Thus my preference goes to Superprestige , GvA - and the World Cups. The World Cup belongs in America too. I think that we're obliged. Racing the World Cups in Europe has brought us all a lot of money. Now the sport is getting its feet on the ground in America and we can not be absent there any longer.

I am stoked Mr. G put some props out to US 'cross. The 3 silvers at Worlds this year must have been a wake up call. I'll be routing for him if we actually get the WK to come to Providence.