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Cross Vegas and celluloid

Finally back home and dove directly back into work today. Chaotic...much like Cross Vegas itself. I am inexplicably sore still...but not so much the legs...but my lower groin where I pulled something during the warm up on the very first lap when Boups and I first got there. It 'popped' and hurt, but I raced on that it anyways. Paying for it now. I'm on the fence for racing tomorrow....

Anyways, I put together a quick collage of things I saw/experienced in 'Vegas. I had camera issues (mainly I forgot it!) so used Boups' camera to capture some stuff. Enjoy....

Cross Vegas Run up lap 1 from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

The Vimeo vid above is of Lap 1. Pandemonium! Just feel the energy when Page comes around the corner before the barriers. I got pins and needs every time I came through. People GOING OFF! Money being handed out, hands in the air. Noise like you wouldn't believe. And the cowbells. Oh yes, the cowbells.

Cross Vegas 2008 from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

This next vid above is Lap 2, folks. You can see the wreckage in the field already. I come in hot at the very end of this clip after I tried to bridge back to the group due to crashes, etc. When I bomb down this hill on the next lap, I washed out right at the turn to the right where the riders disappear behind the crowd and the grass got super slick. Had to straighten out my bars off the bike for like 30 seconds or more.

Boups and his larger-than-life portrait. You had a phenomenal race man!

My main Man Lance! This is the gentleman behind my lust for TRP brakes. He and his son were working the booth like champs....touting the virtues of their cherry carbon and magnesium stoppers to all who came by! Simply, the world's best brakes! Thanks for all your support Lance!

The RockyMounts booth was rocking and all the fellas were representin'!

Ergon! I FINALLY met up with my boy Jeff Kerkove (right) at the Ergon booth. Such rad equipment they have. I am LUSTING the to-be-released white sex ergonomic grips. Yum. To his left is Butch Peterson of Check out his videos of the Leadville and CrossVegas!

I saw this anonymous bike at the Shimano booth displaying 7900...and behold! It was a custom Sycip!
Finally...the SRAM booth! I met up with many of the crew here and at the race venue and thanked them for all their GREAT support to me and my aging carcass. The bits are the REAL DEAL. In love with the feel of SRAM Red (and Force) now. I've definitively made the leap.

Lastly, I want to give a SHOUT OUT to my fellow cycl-bloggers!! I met all the homies that have been representing in their respective regions and blogging about it for some time now!

SO RAD to get to meet you guys. Absolute class, you all are.