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The pair...

Isn't it so sweet to see them rolling side by side with each other in perfect harmony? Of course, I am speaking of the set of Dugasts Lynn and Tim are rolling on.
Photo by HamptonVelo Strong Island , NY


So Joe sent me another huge batch of DVDs today. Puts the total of my collection at 100 and something 'cross specific DVDs. My porn collection.

Hidden on the 2002 Worlds DVD was a little gem. The 2002 GP Holland. Possibly the finest race I have ever seen (maybe with the exception of the Zolder World's when Super Mario and Wellens photo finished). The race is s a study in course design, equipment/tire selection, shitty conditions and technique. The Dutch know how to throw on a race.

Richard put on a capital 'C' clinic in this race proving at the time he was and probably is the all time greatest mudder. He pulled out the 2000 World's in similar fashion. His technique in this race was flawless in how he utilized his energy alternating between riding and running. The course was b-r-u-t-a-l. Almost 90% mud with the exception of the paved start/finish section and included mad 45degree mud run ups and descents and a 75 foot wooden staircase thrown in for good measure.

The things to observe in this race were the porting and running techniques that varied so differently between the Dutch and the Belgians (who were the only people factoring in, in this race. Gerben De Knegt and Richard classically wrapping under the down tube and all the Belgians wrapped around the head tube. The shouldering was all very interesting to study as well given the extreme conditions and how they use modified styles to.

Super Mario and Wellens put in an impressive chase but could never catch Richard who wins by :20. He dangled from the first lap or two at :12 to :15 so it was so impressive to watch how his technique enabled him to stay out front the whole time.

Indeed 'cross porn and should be used a study aid.

I can not wait

The weather has dipped into the 50's and 60's and its blustery. It's welcoming us to the season. I am so amped I can't sleep well any more. The work has been put in and my family has supported me so much. I haven't smiled this much in a year. I'm ready to have fun and see what this aging body can do. I've listened.

The Lion of Fairfax Returns!

My main honky Brian ~Double B from Bakersfield ~ Bruckner, owner and proprietor of the notorious Big Swingin' Cycles shop in San Francisco is hosting the second annual Lion of Fairfax 'cross race in Fairfax CA. You can see some rad photos on my old friends Russ and Nancy Wright's AbbiOrca site here.

I wish I could get out there for this as it was a hellofalot of fun last year I heard. Most folks from the Bay Area will have already heard and registered for the race, but for my peeps out here in CO, I'd HIGHLY recommend swingin' by Big Swingin' in San Francisco. You'll quickly find that B, Chris and the whole staff are very core. Just remember that when you visit and want to cross it up with the fellas, you may want to pack a dress.

Good luck B!!!!

Time machine.

Daaaaamn. We are all getting older. Even the cyborg, Sven Nijs is beginning to show some weather. I've got a couple-a 3 or 4 gray hairs starting to show their face in the bouffant, but Sven's head is either getting bigger with each World Cup victory or he's starting to show some age:It's all good Sven. It's aaaaaaaaaaall good. Getting older is OK, man. No need to worry about that little wunderkind Niels Albert or Klaas Vanthournout (FYI: He's my prediction of the up-and-comer for this season). Just keep doing your bunny hoppin' thing out there and keep that Giro on your dome. No one will know.

If you can...

...tell me who this interviewer is, you are an uber geek....and yes a kindred brother (or sister...).Photo Credit: Artur Eranosian

2 Weeks until the first 'Go!'

The Wed Morning Cross World Championships...2007 No. 2

It is on. The group was extensive today. It will only get bigger as the weeks roll on and Mountain States Cup and other racing series finish up and those people start transitioning into their 'cross mode. I'll ask them where they've been...

Inexplicably fun this AM. People are giddy about the season upcoming. We railed it at Elks and then a park on Folsom this AM. The port-o's were in good use and everyone got their share of technique under stress this AM. I made the course a bit long-ish today and tried to get as many off the bike sections as I could find. I think it worked. People *were* worked it seemed.

The body responded well and I listened to myself and T and stayed within it the whole time. Holding back a bit to truly see where things are at. Even power output, no wad-shooting. Only flow while mixing it up with my friends. Smiles. That's about all I'll say for now. Just glee.

Some pics below. Brandon's got a new bike sponsor this year so people's jaws as you would expect were on the floor. It was pure show and tell time for that boy. Like a kindergartener with a new Transformer.

Brandon's new toy (Bike 1 of 2 of course...)

Explaining the virtues of man and machine

Time's interesting Ahead system being explained...

Baker smirking as he's heading off with family in tow to Belgium

Troy throwing down this AM.



Ben Turner's been spotted and involed in secret training missions.


Yum 2.

TRP are coming out with carbon versions of these. Yum again.
SRAM is going to make a move in 'cross big time . It just makes sense.


Yum, frickin, yum. Today was a delicious taste of the sensations of Fall. Crisp and cool. Slightly wet tacky. Leg warmers and under shirts. Yum, cross is here.

AC2 and I got out for skills this AM. He's Belgian to the core. Late to bed last night after sewing up gunshot wounds in Aurora (a lovely Denver suburb), homie was out with me at Elks skills-honing while dog owners watched us, heads tilted in a 'huh' sort of way. "Why don't you just stay on that bike?" she says after watching us march up and down the field on/off/on/off/on/off-ing. Hilarious. Pics:

AC2 philosophizing on the merits of Dugast versus FMB.
A small stream of vomit can not be seen but its there
Czech candy
The brake pads are d-i-a-l-e-d now and the Dug's hooked nice in the mud.


Check this PhotoShop work done by Boups. The USGP's in Boulder last year. I am now sketched behind Knapp in this photo, right before my crash that broke my wrist. D'oh! Sketchy indeed. Thanks Boups!

CX Magazine

Holy crap. Cross has made it, folks. A print magazine being assembled by some home boys in CA is on its way to press. People crazy brave enough to do this must be passionate about the sport and that makes me smile.

Read the blog and help them out with some of their voting choices for the publication. I'd expect they'd want some help with regional coverage as well as cross is exploding virtually everywhere. It's the sport of the future! Unlike kick boxing.

Cross well.