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What will you say?

I can't get it out of my head. As I spun it out today after my ride with Dubba getting our cross juices flowing it came across my iPod....

Mother dear, the world's gone cold
No one cares about love anymore

Jeff Buckley WAILING away on this rarely heard song. All about hard core realizations about place on earth; place in and around your loved ones. Heavy duty stuff. But alas...

I'm thinking the Tour. My love for the sport....

Does anyone care about the Tour any more? I love it with everything I've got, but this year will have to be it for me. It was this mental line in the sand I've drawn.

I resisted....but got caught up at the end. Only when I heard Carlos may be close did I jump back in and listen. All due props and respect to Christian and the, ah Garmin...boys mind you, but there's something about Carlos that I feel is transparent and at the core good.

Make it so. Don't let me hear of a Floyd-like post podium debacle, Carlos. Allow my lady and I to go and see it next year as I become SUPER FAN on the slopes of some God-forsaken hill in France or Italy or Spain (wherever the sickness is to go down). I did get a vibe that the peloton is now self regulating. Identifying the p.o.s.'s out there and throwing upon them the due cross hairs. That boy and girl of yours, Carlos, on the podium: never let them doubt you. Never let them tilt their heads sideways and say 'huh?' What is doping, daddy? I think that the last time trial was real. Absolutely exhausted athletes who have not been able to myst-raculously recover in a night's time to drop the hammer upon the skulls of your nemeses.

My heart can't take this anymore...
What will you say?

Carlos, my friend. Ensure it is real.

Photo Credit: Graham Watson.

How do you say Oompa Loompa in French?

Clearly they need to do something about this over there in the Hexagon. Something's not right with this podium chick.

You be the judge...


Jonny C sent this photo from the Argyle team car this AM following a rider in the Rud du Sud. It's a BlackBerry phone pic, and even in its graininess, I just stared at this for a while and got mezmorized, then inspired.

Keep up the Graham Watson bit Jonny C.

An American (team) in Belgium

Well folks, it appears to be happening. Gregg Germer, an American living abroad in Belgie-land and proprietor of a bike touring company, Chainring Tours, is in the process of moving forward with his plans to build and sponsor a 100% American professional 'cross squad to race the SP's. GvA's and WK's.

Have a look at his sponsorship video and if compelled to help support, do so!


Is the result of this....

Nice huck, Dave. You'll get yours. And thanks Jonny C for the CrackBerry pic.


Nice to see Boulder get some with Christian and the Slipstream's Giro squad getting the pink jersey today after the Team Time Trail.

Jonny C has been madly snapping stuff on his CrackBerry and mailing them to us. This one is special with Matty White cheers-ing on the squad after their day with a well earned bubbly.

Race smart fellas!

Sven Leaves Rabobank

And I'm NOT kidding this time. Sven is moving to Landbouwkrediet-T├Âissteiner as of January 1, 2009. Per Sven's new team:
On a press conference today in the building of our main sponsor Landbouwkrediet, it has been officially announced that cyclo-cross rider Sven Nys will join our team in 2009. He will wear our green jersey for the first time in his home grand prix in Baal on New Year's day. We wish Sven, who is the reigning Belgian champion and the number one on the world ranking of cyclo-cross, a lot of success!
Sven'll be on his trusted C50 still as his new team are also a Colnago sponsored crew. Isn't that convenient.

photo and news source from the team.

Fully Rigid Richard Groovydaal

Check it. My boy Richard throwing down on March. His brethren are out there on the roadies getting wasted in Kermesses but Richard is showing us the man that he is in the dirt.

Mud and cowbells Richard. You go boy.

PRO with a capital P!

The argyle boys have had some bad luck mixed with some shining moments at P-N. I would still LOVE to see them get the golden ticket to Le Grande Boucle...with Friedman and his license plate dangling from his saddle and all 9 of them sporting Catfish Hunter 'staches (not sure if Farrar can grow facial hair yet though.

Anywhoo, as reported below, our main man Jonny Coln is doing his duties with Splistream and cranking out mad BlackBerry shots during the races. From the cars, the buses, hotels, etc. HE's gonna have to blog this sheeit! Check out his shot taken for me due to my shoe obsession. Ka-BLING! You go Millar. I'm gonna have to help you dial in that sock thing though. You've got the 'tall boy ++' thing goin' on strong Dave, but I'd say you need about 2 cm cut off the top. 6 out of 10 for you.

De Ronde

Doing my blog surf this AM, a video Molly (get well Mol! I'm in the same boat...) linked to brought shivers up my spine. And this is an ad for a NEWSPAPER! Honestly, this is how in-grained cycling is for the Flandrians.